Monday, April 16, 2018

Makes you want to cry

Sloppy, sloppy defending and some strange non shots from Genclerbirligi leave us staring into the abyss... yet again.

Kayserispor 3 - 2 Genclerbirligi

Bernard and me made it down to the Alerta to escape Ankara's harsh spring conditions and for our trouble we got a pretty boring first 20 minutes.

Kayseri dominated possession but weren't really doing all that much. We had a couıple of goes... but again, not much happening until Kayseri scored after a goal mouth scramble following a freekick.

Gencler tried to counter but looked very tired towards the half-time break and just as soon as Bernard mentioned that half-time couldn't come fast enough for Gencler, our defenders fell asleep and let an easy one through.

Two-nil at half time and all seemed lost.

But then came a bit of a fightback. We started playing the better football and we were deservedly awarded a penalty when one of our players was taken out in the box.

Sessegnon calmly put it away and we continued battling on.

Then came our second shoot yourself in the foot moment when our defence was just rubbish. arrggghhjjj

So, it was 3-1 and just to keep us awake Skuletic clawed one back.

Time was late and Gencler were on the attack, just seconds left and a long ball is sent in and the ball is put into the back of the net. The Alerta erupted in joy. Replays showed he was offside.

Next week is the big one. Genclerbirligi v Osmanlispor.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ankaragucu made their intentions clear from the start yesterday with the opening goal in their first attack in the 2nd minute.   It was a well constructed goal from Kenan’s cross and Putsila’s headed effort.    Then Putsila went from hero to villain just when Ankaragucu was looking good to extend their lead !

Knowing full well that a win was necessary to stay in the hunt to win the league, or at least stay 2nd, their indiscipline once again reared its ugly head and now their destiny is in the hands of others, or ......... in the ‘melting pot’ !!

Umraniye    1        ANKARAGUCU     1

Team – Korcan, Erdem, Gencer, Yusuf, Arif, Mbamba, Ferhat, Kenan , Putsila, Kehinde and Umut.

Substitutes used – Abdulkadir, Enes and Parlak

The kankas met-up at The Alerta Pub – Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Apple Kanka Erman and his luvly daughter Ece.    It was a fine Spring day with about 20 other Ankaragucu supporters present and after the explosive start we were all optimistic of Ankaragucu doing the biz.

Rize could only manage a 0-0 in Denizli, so what a golden opportunity for Ankaragucu to move into pole position, bearing in mind that Rize and Umraniye must play each other before the end of the season.   Also, Umraniye must play Balikesir next Sunday.   However, Ankaragucu threw away this opportunity, but having said that, all is not lost ...... yet !

Let’s go back to the beginning ............ after the great start and going one up in the 2nd minute, it became an end to end match and pretty much even until the 22nd minute when Putsila lost his head at a disputed corner and hit out at an Umraniye player.   The referee, who had a good match, produced a straight red and off he went and together with our hopes of a 2nd goal to put the match to bed !

Umraniye sensed ‘blood’ and they went into all-out attack.   It was almost the equaliser on the half hour mark but Korcan came to the rescue with a fortuitous save from his leg when a shot was goalbound.

Heading for half time and Umraniye was doing most of the attacking but the Ankaragucu defence was soaking up the pressure and as soon as I wrote that Umraniye scored an ‘offside goal’ !!   It was grim backs to the wall stuff from Ankaragucu and the half time whistle came as a relief !

The 2nd half was mostly all Umraniye with Ankaragucu defending stubbornly.

Ankaragucu did have a few breakaways when they could have extended their lead – first, Kehinde was put through but instead of going alone and shooting, he passed to Kenan who had drifted offside.   Umut had a chance but his shot was well saved.   Enes had a one on one with the goalkeeper but shot straight at him.

The 2nd half really belonged to Korcan who produced save after save to protect the lead, apart from one occasion when he was beaten, but the crossbar came to the rescue.

Lots of oooos and aaaaas and mutterings of discontent in the 65the minute when Parlak was introduced for Kehinde.   FFS Ismail Bey, when are you going to get it through your head that he’s a liability in our team and contributes absolutely nothing ..... Aaaaaargh !!!!!

15 minutes to go and Ibrahim of Umraniye received a red card, but that didn’t alter the style of play with Umraniye still on the front foot and Ankaragucu defending desperately.

7 minutes of extra time was given by the referee and we were all tensed up.    The Ankaragucu defence was hoofing the ball anywhere to clear their lines and there lay the problem.    If they had tried to bring the ball out of defence and keep possession we might have had a different result.  

Back to Korcan again and he must shoulder some of the responsibility for the equaliser which came in the 4th minute of time added on.    After a faultless display for 94 minutes he could only parry a shot and the rebound was tapped in by Rangelov.   It was a cruel ending for my Man of the Match, but in all honesty when the ball was crossed from the right Korcan should have been protected and Rangelov not given the chance to pounce on the rebound.

So, as I said at the beginning of this report, it is going to be a very interesting run-in to the end of the season.   Rize must be favourites to be crowned champions, but 2nd place is still up for grabs, but ....... and it’s a big but .............. Umraniye is in the driving seat.

Therefore, it is now imperative that Ankaragucu win their last 3 matches and then pray that Umraniye screw up in their three remaining matches.

All eyes now on next Sunday when Ankaragucu is at home against Gazisehir (3 points behind Ankaragucu) KO 3.30.      Same day Umraniye travel to Balikesir (still fighting for a play off place) KO 6pm.

Let battle commence !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, April 09, 2018

Second-last Genclerbirligi defeat Super Lig contenders Galatasaray

Wow. What a victory. Galatasaray were looking to top the league tonight. This was second in the league versus second last. In the end it was a goal in the second minute of extra time that did it. Brilliant stuff.

Genclerbirligi 1 - 0 Galatasaray

I don't have a season ticket anymore but looking at the rather large crowds at the 19 Mayis tonight I was feeling a it jealous. Instead I joined a packed crowd at the Alerta Pub and sat back for what I expected to be a humiliating defeat.

Instead of that we got some good play from Gencler. We should have gone ahead in the 12th minute when Deniz Yilmaz slipped over instead of shooting. Bloody annoying.

Galatasaray took control for most of the match. They had something like 80 percent possession but they didn't really test us. It was Gencler who looked the more likely to score a number of times thanks to some great counterattacks.
Karakizil fans  celebrate with flares.

But nothing was happening...

Until the very end in the 92nd minute when Alper Uludag managed to get the ball past the Galatasaray keeper.

The Alerta Pub erupted, as I'm sure the 19 Mayis Stad did as well. This was amazing stuff. Galatasaray were all over us but we somehow managed to pull it off. I haven't seen a reply of the goal yet. But from what I saw the angle wasn't the easiest.

So... out of the relegation zone... for the moment!

Sunday, April 08, 2018


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ankaragucu almost lost this important match yesterday after giving away two sloppy goals from defensive mistakes, but thankfully Kehinde came to our rescue in the 2nd half with the winning goal to secure all three points.

ANKARAGUCU    3        Giresun     2

Team -  Korcan, Erdem, Yusuf, Gencer, Ferhat, Kenan, Sedat, Arif, Putsila, Umut and Kehende.

Substitutes used – Tonia, Mbamba and Ilhan

If you have read my report of last week’s match in Denizli you will have seen that I mentioned a stadium ban punishment was a possibility, and so it proved.    Fortunately, it is only a one match ban, so we can return to the stadium in 2 weeks time.

As for yesterday, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Apple Kanka Erman and I watched the match in The Alerta Pub along with a few other Ankaragucu fanatics !

It was a beautiful sunny Spring day and optimism was high on the menu, and that was not misplaced when Ankaragucu came out of the starting blocks like a whippet and took the lead in the 3rd minute.    A bad pass was intercepted by Putsila and off he went towards the penalty box avoiding tackles as he weaved his way forward.   Then his shot was well placed high into the top right of the goal with the goalkeeper only managing to get a touch and help the ball into the net.     What a start !

However, the euphoria didn’t last long – 4 minutes to be exact !     Perhaps the players assumed the match was won, but Giresun obviously didn’t.   The defence was in slumber mode as Giresun broke in numbers and an unmarked attacker had all the time in the world to score with Korcan exposed.    There was a call for offside, but from the replay (I think it was Sedat) the defender played the attacker onside.

Ankaragucu continued to attack and 5 minutes later Kenan was unceremoniously brought down just outside the box in the centre.   Erdem struck a perfect free kick which hit the bar with the goalkeeper beaten and the ball was cleared.

2 minutes later came another defensive aberration when Giresun broke away on the left and when the cross came in there was another attacker unmarked and he calmly side footed the ball into the corner with Korcan rooted to the spot on his line.

Still Ankaragucu kept pressing forward and Kehinde should have equalised 10 minutes later when he headed over from a cross on the right.

The referee then came to Ankaragucu’s rescue 5 minutes before the break when he judged Kehinde to have been brought down inside the box.    Some referee’s might have waved play on !!!     Anyway, Umut claimed the ball and calmly shot into the left corner to send us into the half time break at 2-2.

Half time photo - with 'half smiles' !!!     The singing and dancing comes later !!!

Cue ..... pep talk from Ismail Bey to the defence and midfield to tighten things up and anticipate Giresun’s breakaways which were causing all sorts of problems in the first half !

It obviously worked.    Giresun were less of a threat in the 2nd half as Ankaragucu took the match to them and searched for the winning goal.  

2 minutes from the re-start and Kenan hit the post.    One minute later Kehinde was put through but shot straight at the goalkeeper.   2 minutes later Erdem had another free kick outside the box which went agonisingly close.    Umut had a good chance half way through the half but he dithered and a defender blocked his shot.   It was all Ankaragucu and we were saying ......... surely a goal must come !!!

It did, in the 74th minute.    A corner on the right was swung into the far post and there was Kehinde unmarked to bullet a header in for the winner and play the ‘get out of jail card’.    Chaos in the Alerta with us all up singing and cheering ............ in relief !!!!

It was then a case of Ankaragucu hanging on with both teams obviously knackered after a fast a furious paced match.     Giresun did have a chance to equalise in the 94th minute but thankfully the shot was just past the post.    In the last minute of the match Hakan of Giresun was given a 2nd yellow but it made little difference with the final whistle moments later.

Ankaragucu back up into 2nd place one point behind Rize and 2 points ahead of Umraniye.   They both play today and let’s see if the pressure gets to them ??!!

Next Saturday come the BIG SIX POINTER when Ankaragucu travel to Umraniye KO 3pm.    This will obviously be the defining moment of the season.    A mouth watering match which will no doubt have the players all fired up.

Still all to play for with the Super League still in our sights !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Monday, April 02, 2018


The Away Section in Denizi yesterday prior to kick-off.    In fine voice as usual !!

Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Talking of meek and mild animals, Ankaragucu started the match like lambs (bah .. bah .. bah) and allowed Denizli to dictate the flow of the match from the off !

This was not the way I expected the team sitting 2nd top of the league to play against a team in 3rd bottom position.   So, it was all doom and gloom from the off till the end for Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I watching in The Kara Simit Cafe.

Ankaragucu fanatiks happy smiley faces outside the Kara Simit Cafe BEFORE kick-off !!!!

Denizlispor    3       ANKARAGUCU     1

The writing was on the wall from the 10th minute when Denizli was awarded a penalty when Sedat brought down an attacker just inside the box.   As an ex-Class 1 referee, I can understand the referee’s decision and in all fairness he had no hesitation in pointing to the spot.   Sedat put his leg against the attacker’s thigh and there was only one way he would go and that was ........ to the ground.

It could be argued that he made a meal of it, but, as I said, the referee obviously saw it as a blatant foul.   Korcan almost saved it and managed a hand to it, but it went in and so it was tails-up for Denizli as they continued to take the game to Ankaragucu.

A few minutes later came Ankaragucu’s only serious attempt in the first half when Kenan was put through, but he shot straight at the goalkeeper.

From then, it was scrappy play with lots of niggling fouls and bad temper from both sides.

Then, fast forward to the 41st minute and an unbelievable decision from our Coach Ismail Bey.   The one player in midfield who was showing any enterprise and endeavour was taken off !!     Arrrrrrrgh !!!    It wasn’t as if Mbamba was injured or showing any discomfort, and as he walked off his face spoke a thousand words !    Putsila replaced him, but it could be argued that both of them should have started !!

4 minutes later came the controversial and contentious decision of the match when the referee gave Alihan a 2nd yellow and therefore a red card.   It was an immediate decision with right hand to right pocket for yellow and followed immediately by left hand to left pocket for red !   Alihan had been on the receiving end of some vicious tackles and elbowing to the face during the match but I don’t think his tackle on the Denizli attacker was malicious.   Alihan made the tackle near the left touchline, so there was no imminent danger to Korcan.   Alihan won the ball, but the referee indicated that he had stamped on the attacker’s foot in doing so.   Okay, the referee was up with play, but this was a harsh decision and one which changed the face of the match !

It took about 10 minutes or so before the match could re-start with chaos on the touchline and in the VIP Section.   The cameras didn’t pan to the VIP Section, but is is reported by our Maniac Kanka Harun, who was in the vicinity, that our Chairman, Mehmet Yigner, became embroiled in an argument with the Denizli management and blows were exchanged !   A punishment could be on the cards for this me thinks !!!

Back on the touchline and heated words were  directed to the referee, and substitute, Mehmet Sak, obviously overstepped the mark and was subsequently shown a yellow card.   Order was eventually restored, but from the re-start Denizli broke out on the left.   The ball was crossed into the box and an incoming unmarked Denizli attacker looped a header over the exposed Korcan.   Time of goal ....... 45 plus 17 – perhaps one for the Guinness Book of Records ?!

Lots of mumblings of discontent in the Kara Simit with the bleak outlook of starting the 2nd half 2-0 down and playing with 10 men against a fired-up Denizli who at that stage were flattered by the scoreline !

Both teams had so far served-up a bad tempered and niggling footie match which could quite easily be described as 3rd Division footie !!!

Into the 2nd half then and 4 minutes in Ankaragucu gifted Denizli and ‘offside goal’ after some insane passing in defence direct to a Denizli attacker.   Denizli was cutting the Ankaragucu defence to pieces and Alihans’s absence was beginning to cause panic stations !   Korcan came to the rescue soon after with a good save after excellent approach play from Denizli.

However, the 3rd goal came 10 minutes later, and to be honest, it came as no surprise.   Denizli broke away from a goalkeeper clearance and Ankaragucu’s defence was posted missing at the speed of the break.   The ball was cut back from the right to an unmarked striker who angled his shot across Korcan and Denizli were giving us a demonstration on how to score on the break.

As I said on Whatsap yesterday, Parlak was posted Absent Without Leave during the 1st half, but he revealed himself twice in the 2nd half to remind us that he was still on the pitch !!   Firstly, he had a headed attempt midway through the 2nd half which was parried by the goalkeeper.   He attempted a shot from the rebound but it struck a defender’s arm and went out for a corner.   The ball to arm was on the referee’s blindside, therefore no penalty was given !!

Secondly, Parlak had a goalbound effort well saved by the Denizli keeper on the 71st minute mark, and that was the extent of his match contribution !!

5 minutes later and Umut had a great chance when he was picked-out with a cross, but with only the goalkeeper to beat, he sent a weak shot straight at him

10 minutes to go, came the best chance of the match.   Putsila weaved his way through about 3 tackles and sent a great ball to Kenan who copied Umut’s previous attempt and shot weakly at the goalkeeper.   I hesitate to criticise Kenan who worked tirelessly throughout !

Note for Ismail Bey .........please practice this on the Training Ground this week !     When you are one on one against a goalkeeper, you ‘dummy’ one way to commit him, take the ball around him, and then slot it into an empty net.   QED !!!

Deep into time added on and a consolation goal for Ankaragucu which it has to be said was a well constructed goal.   A cross from Putsila on the right and a bullet of a header from Umut high into the roof of the net.

In the final analysis, a well deserved 3 points for Denizli in their fight to avoid relegation, and I should add that I hope they don’t go down.

As for Ankaragucu, they need to change their match philosophy and start their remaining matches in the belief that they can WIN them.   I repeat (lost count of how many times I’ve said this on this blog)......... a footie match lasts for effin 90 plus minutes !!!!      Yesterday they shot themselves in the foot and I could hear the cheers and laughter from Rize and Umraniye all the way to Ankara !!!

Ismail Bey now has a major job on his hands to prepare them for next Saturday’s visit of Giresun, and more importantly, the ‘six pointer’ in Umraniye the following weekend !

It’s not too late to turn the corner after yesterday’s hiccup.    Let’s do it Ankaragucu !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Sunday, April 01, 2018

Relegation. Here we come

Malatyaspor 4 - 1 Genclerbirligi

I really think that this photo sums up the match. No need for anything else. Bunch of jokes.