On our way to Europe?

Some of us are luckier than others and Lanky Kanka Jorg is the luckiest of the lot. He actually managed to get down to the match today and has sent me this report of Genclerbirligi beating Ankaraspor 2-1.

It was a really tense game, very nervous from both sides. 1:0 Ali Cansun scores after a fulminant shot of Mehmet Cakir. 2:0 Tuna Uzumcu scores after heading a crossover from Ugur Boral into the box. Immediately after this a change, Ali Cansun taken off, Kerem Seras on. And then 2:1. A big error in the defence including goalkeeper Gökhan, but in the end we managed the game. Risp was great in holding the tall Ersin Martin down, it was very hard 90 minutes of tackling and headers. The team gave me the impression that they were weak today. Was it the eclipse? Was it the game coming up against Galatasaray on Saturday? In this mood they have no chance against Galatasaray, thats for sure. But at the end we heard one lucky thing, Kayseri drew 0:0 - so we are nearer and nearer...

Thanks Lanky Kanka. Yes the footballing Gods seem to be on our side today. The Kayseri draw is great news, as is the fact that as I write this Besiktas are 1-0 down at halftime away to Denizli.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Besiktas got back into that match and it ended 1-1. Still a good result for us though. We are now in fourth spot, just one point behind Kayseri and that all important UEFA Cup spot. An interesting little note from the Besiktas-Denizli match. Apparently they accidently played the 10th Anniversery March instead of the national anthem. The players and ref then did their own unaccompanied version. Who says these fooballers aren't talented.

UPDATE again: Oh dear, Ankaragucu managed to lose two nil away to Galatasaray. I was really looking forward to making sarcastic comments on Gulay's blog. Not to be however. Eski Kanka Jim has promised a report as soon as he is sober (that might be quite a while).


  1. What, nothing to say about the Galatsaray match. I love the sound of silence!!!!!

  2. Now you know why Ankaragucu and Gencler supporters HATE (is that too strong a word ?? mmmmmm NO it isn't !!! galata...spit..saray.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  3. Eski Kanka Jim is increasingly sounding like an out of control hooligan. Luckily some of us know him in real life and can vouch that he is as dangerous as a kitten

  4. OK then....meow meow !!! but, if I come back in another lifetime I want to be leader of the Ankaragucu Gecikondu Hooligans and shout lots of insults at the Istanbul teams supporters and also attack them in Genclik Park before the match and after the match !!! Now that is an ambition to be proud of !!
    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


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