Sunday, October 07, 2007

Illegal throw sinks Genclerbirligi

Not the best weekend of sport for me. First up Australia lost to England 12-10 in the rugby (thus ensuring that I will get four more years of crap from my English mates) and then Genclerbirligi went down to Besiktas today.

Besiktas 1 - 0 Genclerbirligi

Not the biggest of crowds today with just Smart Arse Yankee Kanka, Mrs. Smart Arse Yankee Kanka, Flying Dutchman Kanka, FreakyDeakyDutch Kanka and myself showing up at the capadokia Bar. Oh yes, Sir Eski Kanka also showed up at half time. (his report on the match he didn't actually get to see will show up later I'm sure).

First half

1 through to 45th minute..... absolute rubbish

45th minute and Besiktas have a throw in up close to our goal. The Besiktas bloke then threw a plainly illegal throw which was not noticed by the referee, or the linesman or anyone except for us in the pub!

The ball fell for Nobhead who backhealed it past Jesus and thus the only goal of the game was scored.

Our new coach obviously had something to say at half-time as we came out firing. There were finally some shots on goal and only luck, and the post, saved Besiktas at times.

As Smart Arse Yankee Kanka said, perhaps we had played a defensive first half in order to attack towards "our end" in the second. According to one of my Gencler mates who was at the match we had a total of 35 supporters at the match.

Anyway.... this was not a good performance.

Our midfield.... no idea where it was. Our playing contingent? Questionable.

Why was Mehmet Nas, one of our best players last week, on the bench. Why was Kahe never brought on?

That's it from me, what a crap weekend. I'm off to the Red Lion Club to watch the Argentina-Scotland match.


  1. Well I hope Sir Eski was not with you at the Red Lion Club as if he was I guess Tuesday would be the first time you were both sober enough for anything......

  2. I was there still drunk from the night before celebrating Hibs defeating Rangers in Glasgow !!

    Thankfully, Cherry Rugby Kanka Rob drove me home last night and I managed to find my bed.

    Still suffering though !!!

  3. Yes, it was illegal throw by A.Tandogan!...what kills me, last night Ahmet Cakar said it was not Illegal.... these guys don't know the rules of the football, in my opinion..

  4. Thanks for that Ahmet (Turkishsoccer) I was beginning to wonder if I should get my eyes checked.

  5. I honestly believe it was a case of the Linesman chickening out because he was in Inonu Stadium.

    To be a truly great Referee you have to have many qualities. Two of the most important being .... honesty and courage !!