Wednesday, April 02, 2008

History lessons part 34

As I pointed out a couple of weeks ago, Wednesday morning sees me check out The Knowledge from The Guardian newspaper. In that edition we got name checked in regards to a story about empty stadiums.

Then last week I saw the following question:

"The relegation last year of FC Den Haag from the Dutch top flight means that the seat of Dutch government, the Hague, is not represented in top-flight football," says John Lewis. "Are there any other cities which host a national government but do not have a top-flight team?"

In today's edition quite a few people wrote in with factual answers and they also included something which we wrote about ages ago.

The following is the bit of article where they use our info:

Finally, Oz Kanka alerted us to the situation in Turkey, where the Turkcell Super League now contains four teams from Ankara, but things weren't always thus. "When General Kenan Evren staged a military coup in Turkey in 1980 there was no Ankara team in the Turkish league," explains Oz. "He became president and hinted aloud that there should be a team from the capital in the league. Perhaps wisely, the Turkish Football Federation changed the rules on promotion and decreed that the winner of the 1981 Turkish Cup would be promoted. Ankaragucu played Boluspor with Ankaragucu winning the two-leg final, 2-1, after the referee disallowed a perfectly good goal from Boluspor.

"'In complete obeyance of the order from Kenan Evren, the strong and powerful leader of the revolution, the football federation of the time and the notorious referee Sadik Deda brought about this result,' wrote former Boluspor chairman Yener Bandakcioglu in a Bolu newspaper in 2005. "We do not know for certain whether those who brought about the result were able to sleep well that night or not. We know just one thing, until the end of the world the small town of Bolu's great club Boluspor will never again experience being deprived of such a great victory.'"


  1. I almost spewed up all over my laptop reading that load of bullshit from Bolu !!!

    I didn't see the Cup Final against Boluspor, but Maniac Kanka did and he will surely confirm that the best team won.

    As for President Kenan Evren, I was here during those dark days pre-Military Coup D'etat 1980, and were it not for him, there might not be the vibrant, successful and democratic Turkey which we have today.

    God Bless Kenan Evren, and on behalf of all Ankaragucu supporters, I wish you a long and happy retirement.

  2. fuck boluspor thanx KENAN EVREN and well done GREAT ANKARAGÜCÜ!!!!!!!!!!