Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vassell's Turkish Nightmare

According to News of the World, Darius Vassell is looking for an escape route out of Ankara and Turkey. That escape route may very well lead to Bolton. For more on the story, here is the link.

Are Bebbe, Serkan, and Ceyhun also looking for a way out? Is Ankaragucu becoming less Ankaragucu and more Ankaraspor with each passing day? At what point does the team stop being the team?


  1. at present,there are much more player originated in ankaraspor than our old players.but this is a true statemant that former a.spor players are by far much qualified and talented then ours,everybody who interested in football in turkey accepts this fact.

    and it seems the upcoming purge of january 2010 will leave a line-up in which a.spor originateds exceed others such as semavi,serkan etc.

  2. Serkan is better than Senecky by a long stretch. After having seen them both play there is no doubt in the Kanka's minds about this.

    No comment on Semavi ;-)

  3. That was supposed to be the kankas' minds (since I've talked to the others about this topic).

  4. Let's sing all together .........

    After 3 then ......




    Please don't go
    Please don't go ....... etc.

    This is not a laughing matter ....... I'm serious !!!

  5. Anonymous7:46 pm

    It is a good chance for Gucu to reduce the number of players naturally as it is always less painfull than the human made.
    The Escape for Vassell is Accepted subject to a reasonable appraise by Bolton.
    For the others (Bebbe, Serkan, and Ceyhun )no need to escape, Management pls Unleash ...

  6. Anonymous9:14 pm

    it was always going to be difficult for Vas in Turkey. Injuries and our new owners have prevented his progress and i think it is best for both parties that vas moves back home. Its a chance for us to reduce our wage bill and im sure the new manager will bring in his own players.

    Ruguy Meye and Gustave Bebbe are no worse than vassell and if Madiou Konate can capture the form of when he was in Molde then we have another good forward.


  7. Connect Kanka Steve1:34 am

    I've had a feeling for awhile now that Serkan and Ceyhun's days at Ankaraguücü are numbered, but I'd really hate to see them leave because of management issues.

  8. Anonymous8:44 pm

    guys, just passing on the sad news that ex striker antonio de negris has passed away due to a heart condition. Vassell says he wants to stay and there has been no offers from other cubs.

    r.i.p de negris


  9. Jamie1:22 am

    wow de negris was trying to get back on to the national team this year...