Sunday, April 25, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Denizlispor 0 ANKARAGUCU 0

Well, I suppose it could have been worse ?! Some critics were anticipating a Denizli revival and an end of season fight-back to avoid relegation. However, as we have witnessed, it is not easy to dislodge the Ankaragucu defence these days !

Since the departure of Mr Lentil, and the regular inclusion of Geremi in the Ankaragucu defence, it has become a stingy defence and not as leaky as it was in the first half of the season.

I should also mention Aerial Broggi who has always been a model of consistency when he has been given the opportunity of a regular place in the team. Attacking full backs are like gold-dust and it must be hoped that Ankaragucu will build next season's team around the likes of Geremi, Broggi and Captain Hurriyet.

There are also other reasons to be optimistic if the management can keep most of the squad and settle contracts quickly before the summer break.

Again there were no surprises from Lemerre in his line-up yesterday -

Geremi, Koray, Jan and Broggi
Hurriyet, Kagan, Rothen and Sapara
Mehmet and Vittek

2nd half substitutes used - Adem, Murat and Ilhan

Vassell has returned to the UK for further treatment on his ankle. I wonder if we will see him in an Ankaragucu line-up again ??!!

Ankaragucu is now 10 points ahead of 3rd bottom club Diyabakir with 3 matches left, so the fight is now on between Diyabakir, Sivas and Manisa as to who is going down with Ankaraspor and Denizli.

Next weekend Ankaragucu take on Trabzon at the 19 Mayis Stadium in what could probably be labelled a dress rehearsal in tactics for the Fener match the following weekend.

In the meantime, all eyes will be on tonight's MUST WIN match for Bursa at the Ali Sami Yen Stadium.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous1:35 pm

    I hope that the main frame of the team will be kept for the next season and as far as I heard the club will do his best to extend Rothen and Vittek's contract but I am not sure about Vassel, Broggi, Theo and Geremi.
    I think that the main problem is the right wing ( midfield and forward ) and the club is trying to find qualified players for those posts and they also want to reinforce the midfield inorder to support Sapara.
    I am hopefull for the next season as I hear so many good news about the new transfer attempts.

  2. Anonymous6:49 pm

    Here is the highlights of the game:

    We controlled the game, Vittek and Koray both hitting the woodwork. I think we have a good squad now and with the addition of a few quality players Europe can be a realistic target next season.

    I think Theo Weeks and Broggi will definatley leave at the end of the season and possibly Vassell. Its so important that we keep Vittek.

    Anyway just over a week till i arrive in Ankara. Cant wait.


  3. Last night (Monday) Eskisehir beat Trabzon 1-0, but that's not the main news.

    'Old Boy' Umut Bulut received a red card and will therefore miss the match on Saturday.

    Good news for Ankaragucu since it is he who normally 'does the damage' when we play them !!