Sunday, September 19, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ankara was bathed in sunshine yesterday as Ankaragucu collected 3 valuable points. However, the scoreline tends to flatter Ankaragucu and they will not have opponents as generous as Kasimpasa every week !

ANKARAGUCU 3 Kasimpasa 0

It was a large kanka gathering which turned-up at the Beer Bus Bar. Apart from the 'regulars' (Maniac, Battle Damaged and I) there was Romania Kankie Mary and 15 Bilkent Babes and Braves - too numerous to name ! I am sure that Martyn, Robbie, Steve and Jamie (our departed Bilkent Kankas) would have been proud to see such numbers show up !

Battle Damaged and I organised the taxi procession to the Stadium and in we went without any hitches. The Stadium was almost full in the Ankaragucu sections, but I counted only 3 lonely souls in the away section !!

Team -

Guven, Rajnoch, Klukowski and Muhammet
Weeks, Adem, Gabric and Sapara
Vittek and Metin

Substitutes - Ozgur for Gabric in the 1st half
Ugur and Meye in the 2nd half

The match started at a furious pace with both teams in attacking mode.

The pace slowed down a little after 15 minutes but it was still end to end stuff with both goalkeepers kept busy. Kasimpasa made it clear that they didn't come to be the whipping-dogs, and Ankaragucu made it clear that they were still learning how to pass the ball consistently and effectively !!

New signing Gabic went off on the half hour mark (injury ?) to be replaced by my Man of the Match, Ozgur, who had an impressive match, especially in the 2nd half. The Kasimpasa defenders were at a loss how to play him !

Vittek had a good match up front, but time and time again there was nobdy 'in the hole' to pick up his deft flicks and headers. Metin was lying too deep most of the time and that needs to be corrected if Ankaragucu is going to trouble defences.

The first goal came with sighs of relief and hi-fives all round and it was a classic predatory goal from Metin after great work by Vittek. Vittek eluded the Kasimpasa defender on the left and angled a shot for goal which Murat in goal did well to parry. However, Metin was lurking in the right place at the right time and he dived full length to head in. Great goal.

The 2nd half started with Kasimpasa taking the game to Ankaragucu and with Ozden in fine form they soaked it up for the first 10 minutes or so before the match was turned on its head.

A straight red card was shown to Bebbe for hauling back (Ozgur or Vittek - couldn't see clearly) just outside the penalty box as he broke through and was about to shoot. Sapara took on the responsibility for the free kick and sent it past 'the wall' into the bottom left hand corner. A well executed free kick and cue to up the volume. The tribunes were in full cry now !

Ten minutes later and it was three. Meye beat two defenders on the right, looked up, and swung over a perfect cross for the inrushing Vittek. However, the defender, Dos Santos, beat him to the ball and headed a great goal which Vittek would have been proud of !!

It was all Ankaragucu now and those first half passes which went astray were now a distant memory !

A 2nd Red Card came with 10 minutes to go when Sancak put his boot into Ozgur's face presumably going for the same ball. Whether it was deliberate or not is open to conjecture, but the fact is that the referee saw it as deliberate and off he went.

With Kasimpasa down to 9 men the tribunes were screaming and baying for more ....bes bes bes (5, 5, 5) the call rang round the Stadium. However, for some strange reason Ankaragucu took their foot off the gas and played practice passing ! Kasimpasa too were happy to see the match out and settle for 3-0. So, the match petered out to the final whistle.

So, yes, 3 goals and 3 points, but in all honesty there needs to be some hard work done this week on the training ground in preparation for the Ankara Derby next Saturday ........ KO 3.30pm.

After the final whistle and a chance for the players to salute the tribunes with a dance and a song. Then out came a few bagloads of Ankaragucu footballs which the players kicked into Maraton and Gecikondu. Unbelievable stuff - just like Christmas in September ! One of our kankies (Sophie ?) managed to catch one.

Back to the Beer Bus Bar to celebrate and that doesn't happen too often.

Bring on Gencler next week yesssssssssssssssss !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. "It was a large kanka gathering which turned-up at the Beer Bus Bar. Apart from the 'regulars' (Maniac, Battle Damaged and I) there was Romania Kankie Mary and 15 Bilkent Babes and Braves - too numerous to name!"

    Another great report from Eski Kanka, but he is wrong about one thing: that our new Bilkent supporters are too numerous to name. First of all, we need to thank Glyn for being our contact man in that camp. He did a remarkable job of conveying the information I gave him to those working not only in the Bilkent English Language Preparatory School but also the elementary scool--not to mention a couple of exchange students from Denmark who he had recently met. Kudos, Glyn. Jamie and Steven would be proud.

    We would like to welcome Christina and Sophie from Colorado, Ashley and Patrick from North Carolina, Denise (Deniz?) from Calgary, Owen from Vermont, Anna from Toronto, Martin and Freddi from Denmark, Sheffield Wednesday supporting Stefan, as well as Kevin, Tanya, Ryan, Bill, and Simge whose places of origin I unfortunately either did not find out or do not remember.

    I know most everyone I spoke with was psyched for the upcoming Ankara Derby with Gencler. We look forward to having you all with us for what is certain to be a great event. Hopefully Oz Kanka Chris will also be present with the Gencler contingent.

  2. Mountaineering Kanka1:24 pm

    Nice to get the victoreeee, as Eski would say and also nice too to see the number of kankas from Bilkent still turning up. This is a tradition with "legs" now and it may not be long before Bilkent Uni is forced to come out and formally support (and/or sponsor?) our beloved team. As always, Gururumuz AnkaraGucu!

  3. Anonymous2:05 pm

    good win for us, was good to have vittek and muhammet back. So far its been a good start to the season for us and we need to build upon it.

    Big game next week in the derby as well. Nice to see theo weeks get a game as well.


  4. Connect Kanka6:01 pm

    Great result and great to hear about the new kankas in attendance. Posts like this one make me nostalgic for my time in Ankara.

  5. Anonymous6:10 pm

    just saw the highlights and Jim you got it spot on. 4 Weeks till i fly over for the bursa game, counting the days


  6. Glad the Bilkent people came out. I yelled at a besiktas person on the street here in China!

  7. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Well a wins a win and 3 points are always welcome.More promising than this time last year no?

    Dublin Neil.

  8. Merhaba Damon & Jim,

    Thanks for showing us the ropes this weekend, it was a blast. Count me in for all future home games and the derby next weekend. A few of the Bilkent BUSEL folks who missed this weekend are interested in the derby as well. We'll have a firm count with Glyn later this week.


  9. Thanks to Battle Damage for doing the honours with the names of the Bilkent Kankas, oh yes, and thanks to Glyn for making it possible.

    Look forward to seeing y'all again next Saturday. Meeting in the usual place from 1pm and going to the Stadium at 2pm. Remembering of course, that Ankaragucu is the AWAY team so we must go to the Havas side of the Stadium for tickets I presume.

    Perhaps Maniac Kanka can check it out nearer the time exactly what the set-up is on that score.

  10. Anonymous4:25 am

    yh surprise surprisee it was good to watch our mighty ankaragucus rebirth after the deadly paw of sekiztass...but i still cant kill my hesitations about ozat and his long excuse list.. anyway letz take Uncle Jimmys optimism pills and see what happens..


  11. Onur,

    I would say "talon" rather than "paw". The paw belongs to GS, but their paw does not look quite as dangerous as it has in the past. As for FB, I don't know what a damn canary has, but we'll find out how dangerous it is in week 16.

  12. Anonymous12:02 pm

    oh yes it`s true thank you for correcting me Damon :) canary has nothing but tiny nails and i dont think they will help to stop Gecekondu boys in week 16...