Thursday, November 25, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The latest news from The Hurriyet newspaper today ..........

The KO time for the Karabuk v Ankaragucu match on Sunday has been changed from 5pm to 1.30pm. The reason was not given ! So, please meet in The Beer Bus Bar from 1pm.

Also reported was the ongoing saga of players not being paid.

Metin, Adem, Aydin, Ugur and Guven have all stated that they are planning to take their case to the TFF if this is not resolved soon.

Also, Vassel is reported as stating that he plans to take his case to FIFA. Apparently, Ankaragucu still owes him 500 Thousand Euros !

All doom and gloom on the horizon me thinks !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. sir eski still love jr gökçek!!!!!??troubles in tribuns, in team,eachother fans....

  2. Anonymous4:55 pm

    GOkcek must go !!!!!!, He has caused more bad than good. not paying players, treating people like shit re vassell, making promises to the fans that he doesnt keep, Ozat his puppet and now Hurriyet Gucer has been thrown out the squad. And on top of that insulting the Gecekondu.

    Either put up or piss off gokcek

    nadeem (first angry post from me)

  3. Well, firstly, let me congratulate Nadeem on posting his first 'angry' comment on the Blog ! I'm sure there will be many more to come !!

    Secondly, and yes, I can understand your and Maniac's frustrations. After all, now that we are having our dirty washing made public in all the nationals like The Hurriyet, etc., what does this do to the reputation of our great Club ?

    Thirdly, what are the Gokceks thinking about ? On one hand 'Ibrahim' Melih Gokcek says that he wants to put Ankara back on the footie map to compete with the 'Big Five'. Yet, on the other hand, we have this nonsense about not paying players salaries.

    So, after we have all vented our frustrations, what is the answer ?

    The answer is ....... there is no alternative on the horizon !! This is our problem.

    Until such time as an Arab Sheik or Russian Millionaire steps in we are rather stuck with what we have !

    Two of my 10th Grade students are making the journey to Karabuk on Sunday along with hundreds of other fanatiks. What does that say about loyalty ?

    So, in the meantime, the Gokceks have to think about the loyalty factor, dig deep, sort this salary problem out, and get the team doing what they do best, ie, play footie and achieve 'Ibrahim's' ambition of qualifying for YooRo footie and being the success that he says he wants !!!

    Will the Gokceks have the bottle to do it ???

  4. Damn, I planned my schedule around 5:00. I don't know if I'll be able to make it now. Thanks TFF. Not even close to being my first angry post, but I, too, congratulate you, Nadeem, on yours.

  5. They're probably doing this to put all of the attention to that derby on Sunday, which I can honestly say I am not interested in seeing. Istanbul-based media strikes again.

    Even I know the match of the week in the league is Bursaspor-Kayserispor on Monday. You wouldn't know it from the media though.

  6. Anonymous9:51 pm

    ive just had enough of the gokceks Jim, as much as we hated Ankaraspor they didnt care what they did to that club, that could have been ankaragucu, as long as they are happy everyone else will suffer.

    I dont trust them


  7. I wrote a couple of weekes ago: get rid of Gokceks. I am sure there is an alternative somewhere in all this huge Ankara. Only that Gokceks grabbed this precious asset and they simply don't want to let it go. I just hope they will antagonize everybody and they will be left with no option but to go.
    Weeks and months ago, on a different scale, Liverpool went through similar troubles. (well - not exactly the same... but for the sake of continuity let's not get into details). The fans produced a nice videoclip "Dear Mr. Hicks". Just replace the names and you get "Dear Gokcek Bey". Watch the video and get the message across:
    On a different note: flight & hotel booked for the Bucharest trip on Dec.2 when Liverpool comes to town to play Steaua.

  8. Connect Kanka2:01 am

    What I would give to be a fly (with sufficient Turkish ability) on the wall during the meetings with Gökçek et al. One can't help but wonder about the absurdities that must be discussed. But I am with Eski in that there really isn't an alternative in Ankara (that I can think of) with the clout or interest to take over the team.

    All this begs the question: if these guys are so corrupt, why can't they steal some municipal money for the team? Are they just pocketing it for their own benefit? If so, why go through the trouble of running Ankaragücü? They only garner electoral appeal if the team is at the top of the table, so why endanger the season by failing to pay players?

  9. No one said that the owners are corrupt. Just incompetent.

  10. Mountaineering Kanka6:49 am

    I say they are both.

  11. Agree with Oz. Corruption may be a bridge too far in view of their political 'connections' !

    Connect Kanka is following my line of reason, and I repeat ...... what is the alternative ??!!

    Bloody Hell ..... we don't even have a famous sponsor for our team, so what is the chance of pulling a rabbit out of the hat ??!!

    btw, loved the Tube vid of the Liverpool supporters. Nice one Dan. Now if we are talking about loyalty then we don't need to look any further !

  12. Anonymous3:47 pm

    maybe not to us there is someone better who can take the club over, but ask the players who havent been paid in 6 months ??? This should not be happening, That itseld is corrupt that you have signed up contracts and not fulfilled them.

    Im sorry but i want them out, Id rather have an ankaragucu in the second division than no ankaragucu at all like they did to ankaraspor.


  13. Anonymous6:41 pm

    i was reading an article on sporyolu from kemal aydin, i cant work out exactly what it is with the translation. first of all my respect is with umit ozat and his family as his father in law passed away.

    In regards to the team, apparently there is a court case dec 1st and we could be going into administration and financial worries are bad. i may have picked it up wrong but ill post the link

    Ankaragucu have also signed Tonia Tisdell a few months back from Ankaraspor, he is a young Liberian international and friend of Theo Weeks, he will be able to play in january