Thursday, April 07, 2011

Gencler grab an away goal in Cup semi

It's all starting to get exciting. Besiktas beat Gaziantep 3-0 on Wednesday night in the first leg of the other semi final... and tonight Genclerbirligi managed an away draw against Istanbul BBS. It should have gone to Gencler though. In the end though we missed too many chances in the first half. At least we got an away goal.

Istanbul BBS 1 - 1 Genclerbirligi

No pub for me tonight and I missed the first couple of minutes thanks to ... me not watching the clock.

So I apparently missed a "certain goal" missed by us and then managed to miss quite a few more, including Pektemek sending it over from all of four metres out and numerous shots straight at the keeper.

It was all good stuff from Gencler, Jedinak had a great game with some great passes to players on the run.

The attacks payed off in the 21st when a couple of shots deflected off and Pektemek finally did something decent and whacked it in. Istanbul BBS 0 - 1 Genclerbirligi

Our dominance, and we should have been up 3-0 at least by this stage, was shown by the shots on goal count. Istanbul BBS: two shots, one on goal. Genclerbirligi: 11 shots, seven on goal.
Istanbul pull back a bit and then they were given an extremely dodgy penalty just before half-time. Replays showed that not only was it a dive but the Istanbul player had also handballed before diving.

No matter. Penalty missed and justice restored.

Second half and .. er... bugger all from Genclerbirligi.

Having totally dominated the first half we were crap in the second. At the 69th minute mark the shots/shots on goal stat had changed dramatically from before. Istanbul: 14-9, Genclerbirligi 14 -7.

And then another penalty. This one deserved though. And this one converted. Istanbul BBS 1 - 1 Genclerbirligi

We had a few more chances, Hursut hitting the post trying to chip the keeper, but we couldn't get it through.

Istanbul BBS had a player sent off near the end but we couldn't take advantage of it.

Peep, peep and you would have to say that Gencler were a bit unlucky. Still, an away goal is all good stuff.

So, the second leg is on April 21, 7pm at the 19 Mayis. Let's hope we get through... and then on to beat up Besiktas in the final in Kayseri.


  1. great result for Gencler OZ. The away goal is vital and hopefully the city of Ankara will be there to get behind Gencler in the second leg.

    Mustafa Pektemek looks like he is going to be a very good player

  2. I actually thought he had a poor game. But then then my judgement was probably clouded by his amazing stuff up at the 10 minute mark.

  3. Yesssss .... well done Gencler.

    I have to agree with Nadeem concerning Pektemek's performance. He looked dangerous throughout the match and the IBBS defenders were in awe of him every time he was on the ball.

    The other player who impressed me last night (and not for the first time I may add) was Ibrahim Akin of IBBS. If I was Mesut Bey I would be actively trying to lure him to Ankaragucu for next season !