Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ankaragucu vs Fenerbahce - Match Preview

Image taken from Haber.Com

This Weekends match is the much awaited game between Ankaragucu vs Fenerbahce which will be played at the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium in Istanbul. Fenerbahce are joint top of the league with Trabzonspor and lead on goal difference by three goals. Ankaragucu will go there hoping to take something from the game and spoil our rivals title hopes. Onur has already mentioned that Ahmet Gokcek has promised to pay the debts and give the players a bonus if they win the match.

Aykut Kocaman replaced Christophe Daum in the summer and after a difficult start where Fenerbahce were knocked out of Europe and a poor start in the league, his side have performed very well. Since the January break Fenerbahce have been the form team on a fantastic run of form. Eighteen games undefeated, you have to go back to the 12th of December for Fenerbahces last defeat. Anyone guess who it was against ? Yes Ankaragucu !!!!. A 2-1 win in Ankara thanks to two goals from Stanislav Sestak. We also beat them 4-2 in the Cup in Ankara to.

Fenerbahce have a lot of options in Attack with Mamadou Niang and Sahin Senturk scoring 25 goals between them. In midfield they have quality players like Miroslav Stoch, Belezoglu and the leagues top scorer Alex who is on 22 goals. At the back Diego Lugano is an important player for them and Andre Santos. However there defence is there weakness and if Ankaragucu are to get anything from the game they need to put them under pressure and attack.

Ankaragucu under Mesut Bakkal have only lost one out of the nine games under his leadership. Our latest result a 1-1 win away at Sivasspor. The weekends game will be interesting to see who Mesut chooses to lead the front line. Robert Vittek hasn't looked anywhere near his best since his return from injury. Fatih Tekke and Stanislav Sestak would be a good choice, Fatih an ex Trabzonspor legend would love to do his former team a favour and Stanislav will be looking to return to the team after his goal last week. Roman Bednar will also be in contention for a place.

The pressure is on Fenerbahce to win in front of there home crowd and not throw it away like they did last season. I'm predicting a 1-1 draw and Sestak to yet again be our hero against Fenerbahce.


  1. Well, Beşiktaş just won the cup. Went to penalties. İBB played their hearts out, but just couldn't pull it off at the end. The offshoot of this will be a very tired İBB squad going up against Trabzon this wknd. If Trabzon can't win that match, they are in it deep.

    Hopefully we can help out, and hopefully it will be an even better result than a draw. However I think yours is a pretty realistic prediction.

    Here's a bit about the match from the Fener perspective.

  2. as much as i hate Istanbul teams, i also hate Istanbul bbs and there no fans club. At least Besiktas have a chance of doing well in Europe for Turkey. Last season was embarassing how early the teams went out of europe

  3. All I can say is how much I wished I was right now on a bus coming back from Kayseri with a bunch of elated Gencler fans... was not to be :(

  4. maybe next season oz

    Damon can you look at this link, surely Gokcek isnt offering 2 million bonus if we beat fenerbahce ?

  5. From what I can understand of the article this is one of the few times Gokcek is telling the truth, ie we don't have 2 million euro.

    At the same time though he is saying that they will go all out against Fener.

  6. So no, he isn't offering a 2 million bonus, describing reports of such an offer as lies by the Istanbul media.

  7. Connect Kanka6:57 am

    You remember what happened last season when we were in this position against Fener? Gücü totally shit the bed. Serkan, in particular, was so terrible that game that I will indulge in some conspiracy and maintain that he was paid off. Hopefully, we'll get a better performance this year.

  8. As you will see from my latest post after this one, Mesut Bey was in upbeat mood yesterday when he visited my school.

    I believe him and I'm sure the team will give 100% as they have always done since his arrival at the Club.

    I'm going for an Ankaragucu WIN !!!

  9. Thanks for clearing that up Chirs. Was going to say 2 million is disgusting when you cant even pay the players.

  10. we will we will fuck you!!! fuck you!!! fuck you istanbul!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. tak tak tak...who is he?stanislav sestak...

  12. He is the guy who is going to score tomorrow and Ankaragucu is the only team in the league who can say they beat Fener...spit...bahce THREE times in one season ...... yessssssss !!!!

    Who is Yankeeeeee ???? tak tak tak !!!