Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Has Gencler lost its coach already?

The Anatolian news agency are reporting that Genclerbirligi coach Giray Bulak has left the club just a couple of weeks after signing a one-year deal. The Anatolian story doesn't say much just that "according to information received" he has left after differences of opinion over transfers.

Meanwhile it also seems that we won't be a getting a player from Elephant Tooth Seaside who had agreed to join the team but his wife didn't want to leave her home.

These sort of stories used to make me angry, now I can only laugh at the utter madness of it all.

On the other hand I sure am glad I didn't write up a long backgrounder piece on the new coach

Thanks to Spine for finding the story


  1. I am sure that Battle Damaged Kanka Damon will come up with something as he has connections with Giray Bey's family.

    Does this beat Brian Clough's 'short stay' at Leeds United me wonders ??!!

  2. In other news:

    - Hurriyet's Ankara edition is reporting that FIFA have frozen all transfers by Ankaragucu until the club settles 7 million liras in unpaid fees to players led by Darius Vassel.

    This puts the purchases of Stanislav Sestak and Roman Bednar in jeopardy and adds to debts of about 6 million liras to staff and players from last season, H reports.

    Fun Times in Ankara Football!

  3. what is wrong with these idiots who run clubs in Ankara ???? yet again the fans will be the ones who suffer. As much is it pains me to say it, im with Fifa on this, if a club cant pay its players it deserves the punishment. However the owners need to take responsibility for this and sort it out.

    With the court case still not decided, its depressing times again

  4. Anonymous11:42 am

    Nadeem is absolutely right on this subject. There is no hiding place for Ankaragucu with FIFA now involved and they will not be fobbed off.

    I haven't heard any response from Ankaragucu's management yet, but it had better be a positive one ..... or else !

    No doubt our resident journalist, Spine, will keep us advised on developments.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  5. It has been announced that Gencler's new coach will be Fuat Capa, he who did so well at Kasimpasa.