Sunday, July 10, 2011

Swarovski 2-0 Ankaragucu

Our first pre season match got off to a disappointing start as we lost 2-0 to Austrian Amateur side Swarovski.

Key players like Sestak, Sapara and Vittek were all missing, but the defence continues to be a weak point in our team. With just under 3 weeks till the new season starts Mesut will be hoping to add a couple of quality defenders.

The team line up for tonight's match


Guven Ediz Aydin Ishak

Kagan Weeks

Turgut Tonia


Subs used: Rajnoch, Bilal, Gokhan Erdogan, Ugur Ucar, Hurriyet, Ozgur Cek

These games are used to get the players fit and try different systems, should be playing better than we did tonight. A lot of work still to go until the season starts.

In other news, its been said tonight that the agent of Stefan Senecky met with Fenerbahces legal advisor before our game, he then went on to be sent off. Surprise surprise as we have said this on here for weeks.


  1. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Of course, in an ideal world it would be great to win every match, but .... this is the first pre-season 'friendly' and the result should be taken with a pinch of salt.

    It is a chance for Mesut Bey to give all the players in the squad a run-out, including the poor performers of last season.

    No need to hit the panic button ..... yet. Let's give Mesut Bey time to get all his ducks in a row and let him decide who will be in the starting line-up in 3 weeks time.

    We have to trust Mesut Bey's judgement in the same way as we did last season.

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Anonymous4:08 pm

    Yeah and I believe Swarovski had a couple of diamonds playing for them!!

    Dublin Neil.

  3. Well, like I've said elsewhere, it is not Mesut Bey who concerns me. I'm concerned about the gentlemen who promised us a championship and, so far, have not even been close to delivering.

  4. hahaha neil i actually thought of that when i seen the team name.

    News from the club tonight isnt good im afraid. Serdar Kulbilge has been arrested due to match fixing allegations. But on a more serious note, we could be facing relegation to the Bank Aysa due to our financies. We are trying to fix them but if it isnt fixed we will be relegated.

    And fenerbahce and trabon will represent turkey in the champions league as the TFA have announced tonight. scum and cheats

  5. Anonymous11:46 am

    Call me a dreamer if you wish, but ...... I believe 100% that the Gokceks will not allow a financial problem to affect Ankaragucu's continued presence in the Super Lig.

    This would be a bridge too far, even for them, and they would never be forgiven. Therefore, I say, expect that hiccup to be resolved, and soon.

    Other news concerning transfers. Nadeem mentioned that Kris Boyd (Rangers and ex-Scottish International) could sign for Kayseri. He has signed for Eskisehirspor.

    Also, Nadeem can relax a little because Jedinak is not being transferred from Gencler to Rangers. He is going to Crystal Palace.

    All the best from Eski the Optimist !

  6. Gencler news from today's Hurriyet:

    Fuat Capa says his Gencler will play like Barcelona, "a passing, aesthetic game".

    to this end, they've signed a 32-year-old striker from IBBspor.

  7. Anonymous7:09 pm

    Maybe they know what it comes... The 32yo striker should be good enough for playing Barcelona-style in Bank Asia.

    ps: it gets worse and worse... Cavcav defends Fenerbahce - speaks volumes

  8. BJK have done the decent thing and are returning the Turkish Cup until they're either cleared or not.

    I guess this means no supercup match?

  9. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Yeah, I saw something about that in The Hurriyet this morning Steve and was scratching ma heid trying to understand what it was all about. Is Istanbul BBS the 'naughties' or BJK ?

    What's the buzz ?

    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

  10. fair play to Besiktas for handing it back, unlike Fenerbahce who have the cheek to think they are champions.

    In other news Ankaragucu have signed Mikail Albyrak from Eskisehirspor. 19 year old forward.

  11. Anonymous11:08 am

    Well ....... now that Eskisehir have the GREAT Kris Boyd (cough cough .... did i just say that ??!!) they can give their cast-offs to Ankaragucu.

    Albayrak ? Never heard of him ! (hope I don't have to eat my words if he starts banging the goals in this season !!!).

    All the best from Sceptical Eski Kanka Jim