Saturday, April 06, 2013

Ankaragucu 3--1 Goztepe

Here are the lineups:
Gökhan Akkan, Bilal, Enes, Aytaç, Mehmet Taşçı, Gürkan, Timur, Volkan, Orhan, Kaan, Gökhan

Göztepe: Ferhat, Ramazan, Orhan, Hakan / Fatih, Theo Weeks, Ali Bilgin, Ergin, Şaban.

Again a beautiful sunny day. They are saying 22 degrees. Looks even warmer than that though. Hoping this one goes our way, but after so much disappoint this season, I'm not getting my hopes up. 

22: GoooooooooooooooL!!!!  Ankaragucu 1--0 Goztepe
      Kaan scores in what is a really clumsy looking goal but of course we'll take it. Timur came down the right wing chips it into the box. Kaan tries to head it, misses, but the ball lands behind him and he backheels it into the goal. Hard to tell if it was deliberate or whether he just got lucky. 

25: GoooooooooooooooL!!!! Ankaragucu 2--0 Goztepe
      This time it is Enes' turn. Timur crosses from the right to Enes right in front of the goal.

      Enes isn't able to get control immediately pirouettes and shoots. The two or three
     defenders and the keeper are unable to stop it. 

35: Goztepe free kick from quite a ways out. Enters the box but it is sent over the goal. No real danger.

37: We've been looking good all match. Nice passing, smooth protection of the ball, and solid defense apart from an early slip up that let Engin go one-on-one with Gökhan. Fortunately, he chipped it wide.

39: Nice save by Gökhan

41: Quite the goal mouth melee. We nearly made it 3-0 before Kaan shot over. AG fans on facebook are blaming Kaan for being a ball hog.

42: Dangerous play on the part of Aytaç. The boot to the Goztepe player's face earns Aytaç a yellow. Our second of the match.

45+1: Weeks shoots long range the ball comes off the crossbar and onto the ground right in front of the line. We got really lucky on that one. 

Well that's it for the first half. Ankaragucu 2--0 Goztepe 

Sure would be nice to be there. 

49: Timur nearly puts us three up but shoots just a tad wide. Should have buried that one.

53: We need to be careful. We are starting to get sloppy. Definitely can't afford to give these three points away. 

55: Very sloppy.

59: Goztepe substitution: Tum on for Saban. 

59: Goztepe Gol. Didn't take Tum long. I knew our sloppiness was going to catch up with us. 

                                                   Ankaragucu 2--1 Goztepe 

61: Goztepe nearly equalized. Good defense by the post. 

63: Wonderful opportunity again. Enes and Timur running towards the goal with defenders in their wake. Keeper Ferhat in front of Enes, so he passes to Timur, but he isn't able to get the shot off before the defenders arrive.

70: Goztepe substitution: Kazım on for Ferhat. 

73: Teams looking more evenly matched than they were in the first half. We really need to put another one away as an insurance policy. 

Not good I seem to have lost the stream. Hopefully I can get it back before I miss something important. 

81: Tum gets a yellow for unsportsmanlike behavior. 

82: Timur gets a great opportunity but puts it over. C'mon one more Timur, and you are man of the match with your two assists.

83: Another opporunity but Bilal slips before Gokhan's pass can reach him. 

86: Gokhan handles a Tum shot on goal with little problem. 

88: Girls chanting for the management to resign. Tum looking dangerous.

89: Goooolllllllllllllll. Teoman receives a lovely pass from Hasan Ayaroglu ( who must have come in when the stream was down) while unmarked in front of the Goztepe goal, and does not falter. 

                                              Ankaragucu 3--1 Goztepe

90+: We are looking dominant in the dying minutes of this game. 

And that's it. Three well earned points for Ankaragucu. Girls dancing misket. This is Ankara! :)

Mustafa Kaplan has the team line up and take a bow before the fans. Good stuff. Now the team is dancing in the middle of the pitch. 

Can you guys in Samsun hear the partying going on? If not, don't worry, we are bringing it to you next week. Brace yourselves. 


  1. Yessssssssss ...... some pride restored even if it's too little too late.

    Well done to Battle Damaged Kanka Damon for his reporting skills and getting this up in record time.

    It is always sweet to win, but against old enemies (Goztepe) it is even sweeter.

    This result will surely give the team the impetus not to go down to Divvy 2 with a whimper but with a roar (obviously not a Lion !!). Let's not get carried away with mathematical formulae about survival, but take each match as it comes now.

    Good excuse to celebrate tonight me thinks ??!!!

  2. Well done Ankaragucu and thanks damon for the report. As i said in the preview the team had to come out and restore pride. And thats exactly what we done. Maybe the team coming out and not playing under pressure helped ?

    Also good to see 18 year old Gokhan Akkan back in goal, the lad has big potential and i rate him very highly.

  3. Yeeeeees!

    Got to say though these continuing fanbans make planning visits to Ankara a little challenging.

  4. tell me about it Burra, every time i book my flights its a worry as to weather ill make the game

  5. Is UEFA aware that they are using collective punishment against clubs and fans? Is this kosher with UEFA? Target the troublemakers, I say.

  6. Good question Damon ! I've said it before and I'll say it again ....... the only way to control this type of behaviour is to apply UEFA Stadium rules, ie, fans must sit in their allocated seat, and no standing except when a goal is scored.

    It has worked a treat in the UK with hooliganism reduced. Also, in the UK Stadiums there are 'spies in the sky', ie police cameras controlling every part of the stadium and controlled from the police box in the main stand. They can then direct police and stewards to any trouble spot quickly.

    Trouble makers are arrested and dealt with by the police and the Club hand out stadium bans, depending on the severity of the incident, to the guilty.

    Isn't this just common sense after all ?

    It is long overdue for the TFF to join the 20th Century AND .... the 21st Century on this subject !!!