Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ankaragucu news roundup !

After much uncertainty over where Ankaragucu would play their home games this season, it was announced that the club will continue to play at the 19 Mayis stadium. President Mehmet Yiginer has come to an agreement on paying the rent fees and has also announced the return of Season tickets.

Rumours on Facebook and Twitter say season tickets will be available for as little as 40 Turkish lira. In other news former Ankaragucu defender Koray Colgacen this week signed for Alanyaspor who also play in Lig 2.

It looks like the transfer of Timur Ozgoz to Antalyaspor has been canceled due to the worries about a valve in the players Heart and also panic attacks which Timur is believed to suffer from. Its unlikely that Timur will return to Ankara as his father has claimed he doesn't want his son to play for Ankaragucu.


  1. Nadeem, no doubt you will be in contact with Timur on this subject to ascertain the real facts and not just the rumours.

    btw, it's definitely a 'small world'. I met two bonnie lassies from Scotland in my hotel in Bodrum today. Only one guess where they are from ???

    Wrong ........ not North Berwick !!! From ........ Bellshill !!!

  2. Us Bellshill folk are everywhere Jim lol, was it anyone i knew ?

  3. What a silly question .........everyone in Weegieland kens Nadeem.

    YOU are not only famous in Ankara young man !!!