Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gencler's slump continues

More tomorrow after I try to fathom the depths to which Genclerbirligi has plumbed.

(translation: report to be filed in the future when I have sobered up)

Genclerbirligi 1 - 3 Gaziantepspor


  1. When I was watching the Falkirk v Rangers match, I told Oz Kanka to stay and watch the Rugby League Cup Final, which of course the Aussies won yesssssssssss !! However, his loyalty to Gencler got the better of him and Gencler lost the 6 pointer against Antep grrrrrrrrr. I suppose lots of amber nectar was consumed in The Beer Bus post match ??!!

  2. More slump slump slump (the noise the amber nectar makes). This time in the Turkish Cup where Gencler managed to lose to an inferior division team (don't know exactly what division that is). Final score: Gencler - Nazillispor 0-1.

  3. Nazilli is from the same league as Ankaragucu, ie, Red Group of the 2nd Division.

    Ankaragucu beat Nazilli 2-1 on 6 October, so does that put the Gencler v Nazilli result in perspective ? Errrrmmm ..... no, I don't think so, but Gencler needs to find some form ........ and soon !

    Waiting for Oz Kanka to have a rant !!!

  4. I think I'm saving it all up for one almighty rant. I would have already exploded if it wasn't for the cricket.