Monday, March 24, 2014

Europe!!!!! Probably not but mathematically we could get there

One piece of advice I read a few years ago about writing blog posts was that you should never apologise in the first line about how long it has been since your last post nor for the fact that the following post is not going to be up to the usual Pulitzer Prize-winning standards that you normally post. So I won't.

Genclerbirligi 3 - 1 Elazigspor

Whether in the northern or southern hemisphere I don't think I have ever moved out of the sun and into the shade in March. Me and Spine had to at the Beer Bus on Sunday afternoon. The weather here is just bloody madness. We are surely all going to die. In the meantime though, lets enjoy the sun... and the footy.

We got in just in time to be handed pictures of Berkin Elvan, the 15-year-old kid who died last week from injuries sustained during the Gezi protests of last summer. For those who don't know, Berkin had been heading to the shops to buy some bread for his mother when he was hit by a gas canister fired by the police. He was in a coma for nine months or so. No police officer has been punished for the murder. Mourners at his funeral were gassed.

Footy started and all was fun. Elazig were crap and we were ahead in the 16th or so when Stancu showed some good skills. On the edge of the box he slipped over. Got back up, slipped around two defenders and somehow got the ball across to Jimmy who headed in a low ball. Fun in the sun.

The second goal was pure class and was all started by Spine's man of the match, Doga.

This is serious!
Do any of you remember Rob Andrew, the England fly-half from the 1980s, early 90s? He was the most negative rugby union player in a team that was known for its absolute and utter negativeness. Amazingly great attacking opportunity for England? He would it kick it. Always! He never got tackled and would finish matches with his uniform still pristine. I remember a huge cheer go up once in Sydney when he actually passed the ball.    

Anyway, this is nowhere near Rob Andrew levels of non attacking but last week Spine said he would buy me a beer if Doga made an attacking pass... I didn't get a free beer. And so yesterday it was our turn to give a cheer when Doga not only made an attacking pass but one that directly led to our second goal. There was some stuff in between Doga's pass and Stancu scoring but I didn't really see it.

In the second half Elazig got one back and then we all laughed again as the Elazig keeper, who wears his socks like a Japanese schoolgirl, messed up and tapped in an own goal.

That's it. Match over. Off to the pub. Never apologise.

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  1. A sigh of relief all round in Ankara by Gencler and Ankaragucu supporters to name but two !

    Mid-table beckons for Gencler, but at least we can be happy that there is one Ankara team in the Super League next season, and hopefully another in the PTT League !!!

    We have now started the run-in and hopefully Jimmy Boy and Stancu can keep poking them in.