Saturday, August 02, 2014

Mehmet Yiginer vs Bent Ahlat battle for control of Ankaragucu!

Another important day tomorrow for Ankaragucu as current president Mehmet Yiginer goes head to head with former president Bent Ahlat in the clubs latest elections. President Yiginer has done a fantastic job at the club since becoming president last year. He was responsible for the dirilis campaign which saw 18,000 season ticket holders while building a decent team on the pitch. Unfortunately the team fell short of promotion resulting in some more financial worries for the club.

Bent Ahlat has put his name in the ring again after an unsuccessful time at the club 3 years ago. His reasons will be that there were to many problems off field and too many outside influences that didn't allow him to do his job. He has promised to lift the transfer ban, while hiring respected coach Giray Bulak and giving the team a 6.5 million budget if he wins.

My vote will be going to Mehmet Yiginer, he has already received the backing of Melih Gokcek which is alarming but no one can deny the club need his money to clear the mess he already left while he was at the club.

More to follow tomorrow...


  1. I grudgingly agree with you, Nadeem.

  2. It's not often when Nadeem, Damon and I all agree on a subject connected to footie, but this can go down in the history books as one of those times !!

    Mehmet Bey is the 'peoples choice' and hopefully that will swing it in his favour tomorra.

  3. We will just need to see what tomorrow brings. But my faith is in Mehmet who has done more than anyone else has in his time here