Monday, May 18, 2015

Genclerbirligi accused of match fixing!

I remember two games in particular involving Ankaragucu where i thought both matches were fixed. The first one funnily enough was my first ever Ankaragucu game at home against Fenerbahce the same season Bursaspor were challenging them for the title, which they eventually won. The 2nd last game of the season Ankaragucu hosted Fenerbahce and lost 3-0.

The 2 goals Ankaragucu goalkeeper Serkan Kirintil conceded were laughable and i said after the match that he threw the game. Amazingly just 3 weeks later Serkan signed for Fenerbahce despite not having a great season. Serkan a couple of weeks ago was again at the center of match fixing allegations after a goal he conceded against Fenerbahce where he seemed to take his hand away from the ball as it went into the back of the net.

This weekend Genclerbirligi lost to Galatasaray and goalkeeper Ramazan is accused of letting the goal in, and Bodgan Stancu of deliberately missing a chance at the end to level the game. If you watch the highlights on Lig TV its difficult to argue a case for both players.

Gencler chairman Ilhan Cavcav has added fuel to the fire by banning his players from talking to the media about the game.

Turkish football is going backwards due to Passolig and the corruption involved, lets hope that this was just two dreadful errors from Gencler players, but it looks like there are certain people with power in Turkish football hell bent on destroying the game despite the amount of people who went to jail for the same reason a few years ago.


  1. This depresses me so much.

  2. It goes without saying that the TFF will brush these incidents under the carpet, and all will be conveniently forgotten as Galatasaray coast in to win the League.

    Unless ............. Fener and BJK make a big fuss, which I doubt !

  3. For the record, I believe the goalkeeper was Ferhat, not Ramazan.

  4. Yeah you might be right Spine. The problem in Turkey is that very few clubs haven't been involved in some sort of match fixing whether its players, referee or the owners.

    It looks like both Galatasaray and Fenerbahce are currently fixing their way to the title, question is just who has the most influence

  5. Was this Chris or Nady? Looks like Chris on Nadeem's account!

  6. It was me (nadeem) John lol

    Think Chris is in hiding or holiday lol