Sunday, January 29, 2017

Karsiyaka 0-2 Ankaragucu match report!

As Damon said earlier on our Whattsap group, what a difference a week makes. A fantastic 2-0 win for Ankaragucu today in Izmir and an excellent performance to go with it.

Team - Korcan Celikay, Serkan Balci, Sezgin Coskun, Alihan Kubalas, Emre Kara, Emre Sahin, Omer Bozan, Ferhat Culcuoglu, Harun Aydin, Muharrem Ozan, Erhan Senturk

Subs - Emre Koyuncu, Mehmet Tasci, Muhammed Gonulacar, Onur Bayramoglu, Orhan Gulle, Kenan Özer, Enes Kubat

There were debuts today for Korcan Celikay in goal and Kenan Özer who came on as a late substitute. Serkan Balci also picked up and injury in the first half so we will need to await the outcome of that. Omer Bozan also returned to the team and again showed how vital he is to our title hopes.

I woke up just as the match was kicking off and managed to watch the game on Facebook thanks to Baskent Medya. The game was played at the giant Izmir Ataturk stadium, there were about 4,000 in attendance 2,000 being Ankaragucu fans while the stadium holds 51.000.

Due to the running track around the pitch it was difficult to make out detail on the strips. For the first half an hour I thought Ankaragucu were playing in white. I was huffing and effing at how bad we were playing. That was until Muharrem Ozan scored in the 30th minute and the Ankaragucu fans started cheering and singing. I then realised we were playing in Navy blue lol.

That changed my mood as Ankaragucu had been dominant, Karsiyaka hadnt even managed to get out of their own half and Erhan Erenturk made 3 good saves to keep them in the game until Muharrem headed past him to make it 1-0.

Ankaragucu continued to dominate in the 2nd half but took until the 90th minute to score their second. A brilliant goal from Omer Bozan made it 2-0 to send the travelling Ankaragucu home happy.

Gumushanespor won 1-0 against Bugsasspor while Menemen lost 3-2 at Tokatspor so overall a pretty good result for Ankaragucu.

I'm meeting up with Jim tomorrow in Glasgow so no doubt we will have a good chat and celebrate a good win for Ankaragucu!!


  1. Enjoy mates.Have a glass of Laphroaig for ne too 😋

  2. Thanks mate

    It will be water for me mate, on the January diet lol

  3. Nadeem not knowing which team was which is not as bad as Spine and a mate of ours who went to a match in Tblisi 20-odd years ago to watch Georgia v England. It was only at half time did they realise that England wasn't playing in white. Later they said they have should have realised England were playing in red as it was rather surprising how many black players played for Georgia.

  4. ... and then we have a tale recounted on our blog from way back in the mists of time (2006).

    This one is about our good mate Murat, who was in Libya at the time, a European footy match... and too much home-brew.

  5. ... and ignore my comments about Spine... I remembered some of it... but not all of it. Just look at his comment at the end of the post about Murat.

  6. Haha glad to see I'm not the only one, but yeah black players playing for Georgia 😂😂, it's a pleasant surprise when you find out which colour your actually playing in and it's the team who is winning lol