Sunday, February 12, 2017

Alkaralar call for Ozat to resign

The Genclerbirligi fan group Alkaralar on Saturday evening came out with an open call on Genclerbirligi coach Umit Ozat to resign.

In an open letter published by the fan group following Gencler's 3-0 away loss to Alanyaspor, Alkaralar laid the blame on Ozat for having failed to stop the club selling the club's best players Ahmet Calik and Irfan Khaveci. The letter was also very critical of how Ozat let Ante Kulusic go, pointing out that Ante had been an excellent fullback for Gencler for a number of years.

Just as a bit of background let me add in here that since the mid-Winter break Gencler have sold or given away a whole heap of players and brought in a busload of unknowns. The result has been that we seem to have a team of rank amateurs.

The open letter goes on at great length attacking Ozat for his previous failure to properly "acknowledge" Gencler for it's role in nurturing him as a player in the early 2000s. It also attacks him for laying the blame for Gencler's recent string of bad results on the players... and not himself presumably.

Ozat was never a big hit amongst the liberal/left Gencler fans. He has previously been on the record denigrating women's involvement in football and comes across as the sort of macho Turk that has blighted the image of this country for years.

The reason I say that is because the Alkaralar letter moves on from Ozat's failures at the moment to attack him for past actions. Basically, the letter says that Ozat isn't the sort of person we want as coach. The letter points out that Ozat came through the Gencler system and when he went on to Fenerbahce he ignored his roots. An old lover rejected?

It is the last line of the letter that is the most vicious. Fan clubs have time and again called on coaches to resign. But this one says that you do not belong, you are not welcome and basically... Fuck Off.

Here are the last three lines from Alkaralar's open letter.

Ozat! Get out from behind the football players you are hiding behind and take responsibility!   

Before you do any more harm please resign immediately and let us at least applaud you just one time for something you have done.

You are unworthy of (being compared) to any Gençlerbirliği coach since 1923. Please resign as soon as possible! 

EDIT: It should probably be pointed out that us Gencler Kankas sit with the Alkaralar crowd during home matches.

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