Sunday, March 05, 2017


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

As we all know, the sun always shines on Leith, but today the sun was shining on Ankara.   However, whilst Leith welcomes seagulls, Ankara definitely does not.    So it was that we sent Sariyer seagulls back to Istan....spit.....bul to think again !!!

ANKARAGUCU   2      Sariyerspor    0

The kankas met up near the stadium – Maniac Kanka Harun, Cider Kanka John, Posh Kanka Ahmet, Kaleci Kanka Tansu ............ and ........... (new name !!!) ....... prodigal son kanka, previously known as ..... scouse kanka, who did a ..........’Nadeem’ and popped in from Ingallind to watch the match !!!   We also had some guests with us .......... Murat Kaya and Murat from Turgutreis who is the owner of the Target Bar there.

It was chaos in and around the stadium.   I estimate that there were 18,000 there today with all the tribunes full and punters having to sit on the ailes.    Only about 40 in the away end !

As you can imagine, it was a fantastic atmosphere and in the 6th minute there was a confetti and balloon show from all the tribunes !    A great opportunity was missed at this time when Muharrem shot straight at the goalkeeper from an excellent cross from Serkan.

Six minutes later Muharrem missed another chance when another cross from Serkan was half saved by the goalkeeper with Muharrem following through and injuring the goalkeeper.

16th minute, and on cue from Gecikondu ........... the Bursa song which was picked up by the other tribunes.

It was mostly all Ankaragucu pressure so far, but that pressure finally paid dividends in the 33rd minute when Ankaragucu was awarded a free kick outside the box.   Ankaragucu player of the season, Omer, stepped up to the mark and sent in a curling free kick around the wall into the corner with the goalkeeper well beaten !

4 minutes later at another free kick on the left, Cenk almost made it two when his header was just over.    Must highlight his contribution today.   He was solid at the back and not afraid to join in the attack, especially at dead ball situations in the danger area where he was always likely to connect with crosses.

Approaching the half time whistle and all the tribunes decided to put on a performance of the Mexican Wave.   Had to smile when the Sariyer fans decided to join in too !!!

Half time, and entertainment was provided by a group of 50 Professional Misket Dancers.     Some of the kankas commented that they were almost as good at dancing the misket as me !!!

10 minutes into the 2nd half and Serkan went on one of his runs down the right wing (he still hasn’t lost his speed or skill !).    He beat about 2 or 3 players on his way into the penalty box    and then he was ignominiously brought down.   PENALTY !!!     The referee obviously has a hearing problem because he didn’t hear us and waved play on !     To be fair to him, he is probably only a Class 2 or 3 referee !    I would have given it !!!!

Half way through the 2nd half and Kenan made a great run through midfield and fired in a great shot which was well saved.

Then ........... just as I thought ...... the referee is probably only Class 2 because he realised his mistake from before and gave Ankaragucu a penalty.   We were all looking at each other coyly and all agreed that it wasn’t !!!    Anyway, having just said to Posh Kanka a few minutes prior to this incident that we really need a 2nd goal ............. it was gratefully received.   Erhan stepped up to the mark and sent the goalkeeper the wrong way to ease our nervous dispositions !!!
10 minutes to go and Muhammed soured the atmosphere a little by losing his discipline.   The referee penalised him for a foul and showed him the yellow card.   Not content to get on with the game and see it out, he was right up into the referee’s face and said something which was obviously distasteful to the referee and out came the red card.    Muhammed .......... you are brain dead and should know better than to resort to stupidity with only 10 minutes remaining and leading 2-0 !!!!

That was it, and off to the Yeni Sedir to celebrate and watch  Everton almost snatch an equaliser against the Spurs !!!

With Gumush....spit....hane also winning it is no change at the top with both of us on equal points.    Still all to play for in the weeks ahead.    Keep watching this space as the story unfolds !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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  1. Thanks for the report Jim

    Good solid performance from the team on Sunday. Unfortunately Gumushanespor won 4-0 at Aydin to so all even as it stands.

    Special mention for the Ankaragucu fans, incredible turnout with over 23,000 in attendance.

    Tough game at Eyupspor on Friday as the battle goes on