Ankaragucu vs Kayseri Erciyesspor match preview!

Sundays match in Kayseri will go down as one of the most important in the history of Ankaragucu Spor Kulubu history. A chance of winning promotion back to the PTT Lig on its own is one met with excitement and relief from the Ankaragucu fans. The opportunity of winning the clubs first competitive trophy since 1981 makes the whole occasion more (in the words of the great Robin Williams) Spectacular.

The 1981 Ankaragucu Kupa Beyi team go down in folklore history having beaten Boluspor 2-1 to give the club what would turn out to be their last piece of Silverwear. Most Ankaragucu fans have been starved of seeing their team winning trophies and only the older fans will remember the Cup winning team in 81.

To this day not a week goes by where you don't see pictures of Adil Erinc and that famous dive into the crowd celebrating at full team with the fans. When a club is starved of success they cherish their trophies more so than some of footballs bigger clubs who just expect their team to win every season.

Winning the Turkish Cup that year meant a lot more for Ankaragucu than any of its previous winners.  President Kenan Evren and the Turkish football association decided that the winners of the Cup would also win automatic promotion to the Super Lig. Ankaragucu kept their place in the top tier right up until the finiancial problems back in 2011. For any Ankaragucu who hasn't seen some of the fantastic historical pictures of that day, you can see them here Ankaragucu vs Boluspor Kupa Beyi

The current Ankaragucu squad now have the opportunity to be remembered in years to come as playing a huge part in the clubs steps back to the Super Lig. In their way is bottom of the table Kayseri Erciyesspor who have only won 1 game all season while conceding over 100 goals. That said, no match in football is a given and the team will need to treat this match like Kayseri are in 2nd place. Any complacency or thinking they just have to turn up would be a huge mistake and anything less than a win will see the full wrath of the Ankaragucu faithful. 

The club have agreed with Kayseri Erciyesspor that the game will take place at the 32,000 seated stadium Kadir Has. Due to finances and low crowds this season, Kayseri have been playing some of their games at a small local park next to the stadium. The Ankaragucu board have also asked for 20,000 tickets for the match with huge demand from the Ankaragucu fans. A decision will be made later this week. 

It looks like Ismet Tasdemir will have a full squad to chose from and the fans will be hoping for a more positive performance. The last two games the team have been very poor in the first half and haven't created enough chances. Players like Emre Sahin and Erhan Senturk have failed to impress despite given numerous opportunities. Enes Kubat must surely be in contention for a place in the starting line up. He has impressed every time he has come on with his pace, work rate and even scored and important goal against Tuzlaspor. 

The Kanka Group will again have members travelling to Kayseri. So far we have Harun, Horseman, John M, John A, Ahmet, and Tansu all going. Others are looking to see if they can get a holiday from work. If anyone else is interested in going please get in touch. Otherwise enjoy the match like myself on a Bursa TV and let's cheer the Sari Lacivert onto the title!!


  1. Excellent report Nadeem, and as always, spot on !

    Ismet Bey is not stupid and he knows that goals will take the stuffing out of Erciyes, therefore he MUST start with Omer, Muharrem and Enes up front. Harun must be in midfield and so there can be no mistakes on Sunday.

    Bring it on !!!!

    1. Agreed Jim, Lets hope the team deliver and then we can look at building for next season. It will certainly be an interesting Summer.

    2. Anonymous5:44 pm

      Jim Iam not so sure about İsmet bey..
      At least we can say that he does not have enough knowledge about football.
      But I agree with you for Harun. I do believe that he is the most creative ,skillfull and Thinking player in AG. I briefly describe him " BRAIN" of AG.
      Without him none of the players know what to do, including İsmet bey. Volkan..

    3. This Sunday is one of those matches which come under the heading of a 'Jock Stein Match', ie, attack attack attack from the whistle and don't stop till the ref blows time. It can be 1-0 or it can be 10-0. Ankaragucu must make a statement to our long suffering supporters and ......... to the teams in the PTT that ....... WE are coming !!! I'll be with Oz Kanka in the Alerta Pub in Kizilay to watch it and we will celebrate in the normal way, and probably with thousands of others who couldn't make it to Kayseri. Can't wait for the action and ............. let the summer take care of itself in the corridors of power to add players to the squad who can not just consolidate their position in the PTT league, but ......... challenge for another promotion yessssssssssssssssss !!!!

    4. I am so jealous of you Ankaragucu supporters. Right on the verge of triumph after so many lean years. Very best of luck on Sunday and as Sir Eski said, I'll be down at the Alerta Pub shouting for the Ankara team.

    5. Thanx Chris.Wish u could attend the match as we did your Cup final in Bursa against Kayserispor...

  2. Btw.Excellent report Nady !Thanx ! Fck İstanbulll !Well done LYON !

    1. Leeee-on Leeeee-on Leeeee-on yessssssssssssss !!!!

    2. Well said guys, i wish i could be there but ill be cheering the team on while watchint on Bursa TV


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