Sunday, October 08, 2017

Kanka Jim stars in New Ankaragucu documentary!

Our very own Jim Chalmers starred in the much anticipated documentary on Ankaragucu by TRT this weekend. The documentary was about the 107 year old history of Ankaragucu reliving some of the clubs most cherished moments such as winning the Turkish Cup and promotion to the Super Lig and the UEFA Cup victory against Atletico Madrid.

Jim was part of the documentary and his speech in Turkish has been the main talking point on social media with the club even retweeting the exact part on their twitter page.

Well done Jim, as much as we have banter, I’ve said many times before, if it weren’t for Jim and this blog I wouldn’t have become an Ankaragucu fan in the first place. It was his article on this very blog that saw me become a supporter just over 8 years ago.

You can see the whole documentary right here Ankaragucu TRT Documentary


  1. Spare a thought for our Webmaster, and Founder, Oz Kanka who's brilliant idea this was !

    Kankas have come and gone since the founding of the Kanka Group in 1999, but hand on heart, there has never been a kanka to match the loyalty and globe trotting to match that of Bellshill Kanka Nadeem.

    Nadeem's visits to Ankara from distant Scotland are always keenly awaited and we hope to see him here later this season for Ankaragucu's push back into the Super League (that's an Inshallah !!).

    Thanks again for all YOUR hard work on this Blog Nadeem !

  2. Thanks Jim appreciated and agreed, thanks to Chris for setting the blog up in the first place

  3. Anonymous3:30 pm

    You both doing great Job.
    Thanks to you Jim & Naddy for adding value to this club with your unique efforts. Volkan.

  4. I saw Jim's cameo in that documentary on social media.

    Unfortunately, it seems that there were more than a few negative responses to it. But what can you do?

  5. Thanks Volkan much appreciated

    What were the negative responses Ata? All i saw were positive comments on facebook and twitter especially from Ankaragucu fans towards Jim