Thursday, July 11, 2019

Ankaragucu summer update!

In true Ankaragucu summer fashion, the chaos continues at the Capital club with financial problems mounting, and the fight for ownership of the club between Mehmet Yiginer and Murat Agcabag. The club have no Sporting director, no manager, no sponsorship, no players and have yet to be granted permission to play at Eryaman Stadium. Any new manager that does eventually come in has there work cut out with no pre season schedule or preparations in place.

So firstly we take a look at whats been happening on the transfer front. Ankaragucu have already lost a number of key players who have now signed with other clubs due to all the uncertainty. Tyler Boyd has agreed a 2.4 Million Euros deal with Besiktas, Djedje has signed on a free transfer with Kayserispor, Altay Bayindir has signed with Fenerbahce for 1.5 million Euros, Alihan has signed with Erzerumspor on a free transfer and the likes of Moke, Cerci and Aydin have all left the club too.

On the management front, Mehmet Yiginer has agreed in principle with Adnan Erkan to become the clubs Sporting Director and Bulent Uygun to be the clubs next manager if he wins this months elections.

Onto the elections, and its a two way battle between Yiginer and Agcabag for ownership of the club. Yiginer has proved that he cant take the club forward as again none of the players have been paid for the last 6-9 months with Thomas Heartaux, Alessio Cerci and Thibault Moulin all asking the clubs official twitter page for their money. He is again relying on other people investing money in the club and cant give the fans an accurate figure of what the clubs debt is.

On the other had, you have Agcabag who has a plan in place and has promised to invest money, pay the players their salary, lift the transfer ban, open a club shop and online store, has agreed 7 sponsorship deals and has agreed in principle a new manager and sporting director. He also stated he is working with other businessmen who have agreed to put money into the club.

The problem for Ankaragucu fans, is trust. They have heard this all before in the past from other candidates who then came into the club and made an even bigger mess with all their lies and corruption. They know time is up for Yiginer, but is Agcabag the man and can he be trusted is the big question?

Finally, Altay Bayindir as we mentioned above, this week completed his 1.5 million euro move to Fenerbahce much to the anger of the Ankaragucu support. Not because he moved to Fenerbahce, but due to the fee the club have received for their prized asset. Altay is the youngest ever captain in Turkish Super Lig history. He is a Turkish U21 international who Senol Gunes has praised and will almost certainly call him up to the National team, and the club have agreed to such a feeble amount, which again shows how inept they are at managing a football club.

The Round Ball in Ankara would also like to send its condolences to our friend Murat Kaya and his family on the sad passing of his father. RIP

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  1. Moments of joy rarely occur for long suffering Ankaragucu supporters and this summer is no exception !!

    Since the heady days of 2000/2001 under the management of Ersun Yanal and some glory days in the old UEFA Cup, it has been downhill all the way. This has been well documented in this Blog, so no need to expand on the reasons here and now. As for the present, we only have doom and gloom at the moment and Nadeem’s report of the summer’s outgoing players and lack of preparation for the upcoming season does not bode well.

    We need to fasten our seatbelts and prepare for a bumpy landing !

    My Chemist asked me recently if I needed a fresh supply of optimism pills but I politely declined. I guess they will be superfluous this season !!!

    Watch this space to see if I am proved wrong !