Sunday, November 24, 2019


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

What the ....... ?     Tom and Jerry ???

Well, that’s the recommended headline from Maniac Kanka Harun as we exited the Stadium halfway through the 2nd half !     And ...... no prizes for guessing which team was Tom and which was Jerry !!

ANKARAGUCU         0                Trabzonspor         3

Team – Korcan, Kitsou, Yalcin, Pazdan, Pinto, Sedat, Faty, Canteros, Aydin, Ilhan and Orgill

Substitutes – Alihan, Moke and Cebrail

Harun, Kenan and I arrived early at the Stadium and after lunch in the swish Metro Shopping Mall, entered the Stadium where we met-up with Posh Kanka Ahmet.

A healthy crowd of about 13,000 turned-up which is pretty impressive considering Ankaragucu’s lowly position in the League and far distance out of the city.

It didn’t take long for Trabzon to exploit this Ankaragucu team.   Only 5 minutes had elapsed before Trabzon pounced on an Ankaragucu cock-up to open the scoring.   A long speculative ball was played to Aydin on the left which was too high for him to control.   So, instead of allowing the ball to go out of play, he headed the ball back to Kitsou who couldn’t reach his header and the ball was pounced on by the impressive Sorloth who scampered down the left wing with Kitsou unable to catch him.   Heading for the left post I expected a cut-back, but he shot across Korcan and inside the right post for an opportunist goal.

Ankaragucu was doing their best to put some pressure on the Trabzon defence but Orgill was having little joy on his own up front with Ilhan a passenger again.  

However, they did have a chance to equalise on the 17th minute mark when they won a free kick just outside the box on the right.    Canteros sent in an excellent flighted ball which hit the bar in the top right corner and bounced onto the goalkeeper’s head and out for a corner.   That was Ankaragucu’s last shot on target !

Trabzon was in control of the match and with their superior speed were causing all sorts of problems for the Ankaragucu defence.   On the half hour mark they almost went further ahead on two occasions but timely tackles and blocks prevented further damage.

Shortly after that, the referee called VAR into action over a suspected elbowing incident perpetrated by Faty, but fortunately the referee produced yellow instead of red (for now !!!).

Approaching half time and Korcan was called on to make a double save from goal scoring attempts.     Just time for Faty to receive another yellow for a tackle from behind and leave his team mates with an uphill task in the 2nd half !

Then on the half time whistle Trabzon conspired to miss an open goal after tearing the Ankaragucu defence apart.  

Unfortunately there was no relief at the half time whistle with optimism in very short supply in the knowledge that it would be 11 against 10 in the 2nd half.

One thing which was abundantly clear and that was the lessons Trabzon gave to Ankaragucu in the art of passing and team work in making yourself available for the return pass.   Also, the front players of Trabzon were like whippets and gave the Ankaragucu defence no respite !

Trabzon resumed where they left off  and had Ankaragucu on the back foot from the off, and it only took 3 minutes for Trabzon to kill the match off.   A flowing move on the right, the pass to Yusuf, who cut inside and fired in a great shot to the bottom right with Korcan scrambling across but too late to reach it.

10 minutes later and it was all over.   Another fast break on the right and the cross was sent over to the back post where Nwakaeme collected and fired in a bullet.

We had seen enough and expected more goals to follow with Trabzon in total command.   However, their foot came off the gas and they were content to see the match out in the knowledge that they would be sitting on top of the league.

On this form they look genuine champion contenders and I challenge anyone to doubt it.

As for Ankaragucu, the future is bleak, and Harun and I make no apologies for leaving the match after the 3rd goal went in.

There is little sign or hope of the transfer ban being lifted and all we supporters can hope for is damage limitation.

Ankaragucu remain 2nd bottom of the league but could be bottom today if Kayseri cause an upset and beat Sivas.

Next Saturday Ankaragucu travel to Alanya with little or no hope of bringing any points back to Ankara.

Doom and gloom beckons !!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Nothing to say..
    We re goıng down 😐

    1. Who would bet against it happening ??!!

  2. Update ............. Kayseri lost 1-4 at home to Sivas this afternoon which means Ankaragucu remain 2nd bottom of the league.

    It also means that Sivas regain top spot in the league from Trabzon.

  3. By the time the January transfer window arrives we will already going down. You can’t fault the players, they give everything but aren’t good enough

    1. True Nady. Most of the teams we have played have been fitter, faster and more football savvy than Ankaragucu.

      Having worked so hard to return from the 2nd League and Championship to return to the Super League, it is soul destroying to go back down again.

      Aaaaargh !!!