Thursday, June 10, 2021

Faruk Koca elected as Ankaragucu president!


Faruk Koca comfortably won the elections to become next Ankaragucu president at this afternoons congress. Metin Akyuz with the support of Mehmet Yiginer who presented the congress put up a late fight but in the end Koca won by 700 votes.

A couple of notable statements from Koca included him announcing he will pay off the clubs debts in the next 12 months and the club wont owe anyone a single penny. He also stated he sold all his family apartments to help pay to lift the transfer ban. Finally the team could be set to move back to the luxury training complex Saray Spor which will play a big part in helping attract new players sign for the club.

Faruk Koca has certainly made some bold statements, lets now see if he can fulfill them as he made a few last season and never lived up to them. The good news is that a few sources have claimed that the management team he has put together is very impressive. Time will tell. 

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  1. I'm sitting on the fence, which I may add, is something I rarely do. My enthusiasm for the new season is at a low ebb.!!!