Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Ankaragucu vs Adana Demirspor - Match Preview!


The season has just started and already its doom and gloom at Ankaragucu and the responsibility lies with Faruk Koca and his management. Yet again Faruk has failed to deliver on the statements he made at the end of last season. 

The team had to move location at their Bolu training camp because the pitch wasn't suitable for the team to train on. Ankaragucu will now have to play their first home league match of the season in Corum as the pitch on the Eryaman stadium isn't ready. This is the 2nd season that Ankaragucu have had to play home matches away from home under this management. 

They have also failed to sign players for key areas in the team and are having to rely on the likes of Atakan, Tasos and Beridze who werent considered good enough last season. 

We are now in season 4 under the leadership of Faruk Koca and its the same story as he relies on the likes of Emre Yildiz and Erdem Karagol for new signings. Only last night he said we are awaiting 2 wingers accepting our offer that has been on the table for a few weeks. No player should be given a couple of weeks to play for Ankaragucu, you either want to play for us or you dont. But with no structured scouting network or sporting director Faruk has to rely on agents. 

Ankaragucu started their campaign last weekend against Kasimpasa and lost 3-2 with Kafkas Tolunay mostly to blame for that result. Again he decided to go with 3 at the back including Atakan Cankaya. And again Atakan made multiple mistakes, 1 of which led to a goal. 

Tolunay claimed he was in the top 5 coaches in Turkey, but insists in playing with Atakan and a formation that doesnt have the players to make it a success. 

I think we will see a change in formation with Ankaragucu going to 4 at the back against Adana Demirspor. The other strange decision from Tolunay was to comment after the game that Renaldo Cephas wasnt ready to start as he had serious short comings for the Super Lig. Cephas done more in half an hour than Tasos or Beridze did the entire match. 

Adana Demirspor have built a strong side over the last couple of seasons in the Super Lig and have added to that with some excellent performances in Europe this season. They have quality all over the pitch and it will take a big performance from Ankaragucu and some luck to take anything from this game. 

Up front they have Cherif Ndiaye who i was always impressed with when he played for Goztepe. He has some similar qualities to Ali Sowe. They have also just signed Mbaye Niang and can count on the likes of David Akintola, Nani and Yusuf Sari who is showing great form at the moment. 

Younes Belhanda, Emre Akbaba and Badou Ndiaye are all quality players in midfield who are capable of scoring and creating goals. The defence may be the weakest part of the team but they are still good players and should be challenging for another European finish this season. 

I think the best option for Ankaragucu is to go back to 4-5-1 or 4-2-3-1 which suit the players we have available. 

Rafal, Kitsiou, Mert, Mujakic, Hanousek, Tolga, Djokanovic, Efkan, Renaldo, Bajic, Ali Sowe

This team imo give you a better chance of taking something from the game. 

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  1. With our HOME match now being played at the huge Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul, this will obviously favour Demirspor's style of play and I foresee a busy night for the Ankaragucu defence !!!