Sunday, November 05, 2023



Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


It was a fast and furious match tonight in Istanbul, going from end-to-end with both teams in attacking mode.


In all honesty, the result was a fair reflection of play, but it could have been otherwise without Ankaragucu’s defensive frailties   !!!


It was the type of match which had me on the edge of my seat throughout and I was fully expecting further goals before the final whistle   !


Istanbul Basaksehir        3                   ANKARAGUCU          3


Team – Bahadir, Hanousek, Mujakic, Radakovic, Bilazer, Efkan, Tolga, Tasos, Pedrinho. Rodrigues and Ali


Substitutes – Renaldo, Morutan, Ali Kaan, Atakan and Macheda


What a way to start a match   !


Ankaragucu went ahead in the 1st minute from a throw-in on the right to Ali inside the box.   He back-headed the ball to Rodrigues who played a return pass to Ali, and from an acute angle on the right he shot past a bewildered goalkeeper.


Basak’s equaliser 12 minutes later arose from a slack back-pass and was immediately latched onto by Piatek who surged forward on the left towards the goal line inside the box.     Bahadir came out to intercept but misjudged his timing and then back-tracked.   Piatek then sent his shot from an acute angle between Bahadir and Mujakic who had positioned himself at the wrong angle on the goal line.


5 minutes later and Ankaragucu was back in front.


Ali received a pass on the left and sent a pass inside to Pedrinho who was just outside the box.   Pedrinho let fly and the ball went whizzing in just inside the left post.


Then shortly after that Basak and Ankaragucu hit the woodwork within the space of two minutes of each other.


However, the 2nd equaliser arrived approaching the half hour mark and it was all down to defensive blunders.


Firstly. Bahadir collided with Mujakic going for the same ball which then broke to an attacker who shot, but the ball was deflected into a melee of players.     Mujakic was too slow to hoof the ball to safety, but Piatek’s reactions were quicker and he shot in for a scrappy goal.    (Emre needs to show a replay of this incident in training this week to show how NOT to defend   !!!).


Approaching half time and Bahadir redeemed himself with a crucial save from a goal bound shot.


The 2nd half was only 15 minutes old when Ankaragucu went into the lead for the 3rd time.     There may well have been some good fortune to it when Tolga’s shot was deflected by a defender to loop over the goalkeeper’s head, but good work from Ali and Efkan to set Tolga up for the shot was quick thinking on their part  !


Could Ankaragucu hold on this time for all 3 points   ?       15 minutes to go and the answer was ........ NO   !!


A  Basak cross from the right was sent to the far post and somehow Bahadir and Bilazer contrived to let Figueiredo have a free header and in went the 3rd equaliser.     (this is another replay which Emre should show next week   !!).      Also, I have to say that the sooner Kitsou is fit to resume playing the better   !!!


Ankaragucu had one last chance to win the match when Renaldo crossed to Morutan but he scuffed his shot well past when well placed to have done better.


Ankaragucu remain in mid-table but still only 4 points above the relegation zone.


Next up is a home match against Antalyaspor (1 point below Ankaragucu) next Friday KO 8pm.


As always, watch this space for the outcome.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


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