Sunday, January 07, 2024

Ankaragücü 0-1 Trabzonspor!


Before the game kicked off Ankaragücü didn’t have much of a chance in this game as there is a severe lack of quality in the thanks to Emre Yildiz under the supervision of Faruk Koca.

The team lacks quality all over the pitch and without key players Ali Sowe who is away to the African Nations, and Tolga who is injured it becomes even more difficult.

Team - Bahadir, Atakan, Uros, Mujakic, Hanousek, Pedrinho, Ali Kaan, Efkan, Cephas, Morutan, Macheda

Subs - Rafal, Tasos, Kitsiou, Riad, Cem, Alperen, Djokanovic, Sirac, Mert, Hayrullah

I’m not going to talk much about the actual match itself as it was a bore fest with poor quality from both sides. Trabzonspor were very poor and Ankaragücü still couldn’t take advantage. 

The only goal of the match came on the 36th minute when Pedrinho played a poor pass to Atakan who as usual failed to control the ball properly, he then could have had a foul but dived like a big fairy and Trabzonspor broke on the counter attack scoring through Edin Visca.

I have some sympathy for Emre inheriting this terrible squad, but I will never understand any manager who decides to play Atakan at right back ahead of Kitsiou. You can also look at why Djokanovic has been dropped out of the team and the failure to give opportunities to talented youth players such as Sirac, Onur Efe, Arda or Ibrahim Yilmaz to name a few.

But the overall responsibility lies with those who constructed the team Emre Yildiz, Erdem Karagol and Faruk Koca.

We all warned Faruk that Emre Yildiz is the biggest enemy of Ankaragücü by continuing to bring garbage players to the club over 80 in total while he makes his commission. And how many of them have been a success? Very few is the answer.

In midfield we have Ali Kaan who was loaned out last season as he wasn’t deemed good enough. Alongside him is Pedrinho who has been here for over 1.5 year and failed to hold down a regular place.

I’m the wide areas we have Cephas who is fast but can’t control the ball and his final ball and finishing is so poor. Tasos has been here for 2 years and another who was deemed not good enough at the start of the season.

Macheda is playing up front and he was that bad that he wasn’t even registered at the start of the season. His back up Riad Bajic is on the bench which tells its own story.

Quite simply, if Ankaragücü don’t sign 7-8 first team players in January they will be heading back to Lig 1.


  1. Totally agree Nady !

    With Ali Sowe involved in the Africa Cup matches, the goal drought continues. Only 2 or 3 scored in December and the future looks decidedly bleak. At almost the half way point in the league, Ankaragucu is only 2 points above the relegation zone !!

    Nady's point about Kitsiou on the bench is well taken and I expect Atakan to swap places with him on Tuesday when Ankaragucu travel to Alanya.

    It's a big ask for 3 points, but that is a must with Ankaragucu on the slide !!

  2. Anonymous10:22 am

    Thanx for the report Nady💙💛