Monday, May 27, 2024




Greetings Kankas and Kankies.


Ankaragucu has been flirting with relegation for the past few seasons and there can be no excuses for their failure this season with 16 drawn matches and 14 lost from a total of 38 played.    Only 8 wins paints a miserable picture   !!


Also, they have had numerous chances to put distance between themselves and the other teams in the relegation zone, especially in their recent matches against Hatay and Pendik.


Last night was another abomination in a season to forget   !     Leading 2-1 with 10 minutes to go and they failed miserably to shut-up shop to run the clock down.    Unforgivable with so much at stake   !


Therefore, Ankaragucu join Istanbulspor, Pendik and Fatih Karagumruk in The Championship League next season and it remains to be seen if Coach Emre and any of the players will still be a part of the team.


Of course, we have been in this position before but sadly no lessons have been learned, and the way things are going, I am not optimistic of a quick return to The Super League.   I and thousands of Ankaragucu fanatics will hope otherwise, but it is difficult to remain optimistic with the present management in place.   A major overhaul of the Club is necessary   !!


As for last night, the least said the better   !    I am sure that I speak for many of us who were confident that Ankaragucu ( The Relegation Escapologists) had achieved the unlikely when Ali Sowe made it 2-1 with only 10 minutes to go.     However, it was too good to be true when Trabzon struck, not once, but 3 times to kill off any lingering hopes.     Incidentally, even a 2-2 draw would have been enough to have ensured survival .........aaaaargh   !!


It will therefore be a long summer for all of us to contemplate the outcome at our Club before league action resumes.


The Round Ball in Ankara will try to keep you updated throughout the next 2 months before the season gets underway.


On behalf of Nady and me, thanks to all our readers for staying with us here during this catastrophic season.


As always, watch this space for further news updates.


All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Re-relegated would be better as a headline !

  2. Anonymous2:13 pm

    There is no excuse not to win Pendik game, there is no excuse losing after leading 2-1 with minutes to end the match.Ankaragücü needs better management.

  3. Anonymous3:58 pm

    😑 Geçmiş olsun! ~FD

  4. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Another long difficult season. gecmis olsun - Oz Kanka

    1. The highlight of the new season will be the return of The Ankara Derby !!!

  5. Anonymous5:34 pm

    Emre Belözoğlu crying was a really stunning moment. Ankaragücü didn't deserve this result.