Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dynamic Danes crush Australia

As those journos for the Guardian like to say, "in London you are never more than 10 yards away from a rat, or an Australian". Which meant that Tuesday night's Australia versus Denmark friendly in London was a home match for us.

The Aussies came out in force for the match at Loftus Rd. and here in Ankara Viking Kanka Jens invited a few of us over to his place to watch the match on Eurosport.

Australia 1 - Denmark 3

In some ways the match reminded me of Genclerbirligi a couple of years ago. Australia was going for it. With a few of our top players not playing the rest of the squad decided to try like hell. What we got was some lovely attacking football but then, at the back, gaps were left and the Vikings were very clinical in taking all their chances.

"Denmark has the luckiest defence in the world," Viking Kanka said at one point. He wasn't far wrong. We had one goal disallowed for absolutely no reason. Another was rightly disallowed for offside and someone sent the ball into the post. Possession-wise we must have dominated.

All up though it wasn't a bad game but still any loss is depressing, as can be seen in the accompanying picture of Spice Kanka Duncan and your reporter for the match. The happy couple behind are Ditte and Soren who, being diplomats, didn't give us too much crap over the result.

Of course, Australia and Denmark have very good relations nowadays thanks to some sheila from Tasmania who managed to hook herself a Danish prince during the Sydney Olympics a few years ago. The question has to be though, just who did "Our Mary" support last night. She probably came out with some sort of cliche like "football was the winner".

Just as an aside former Genclerbirligi midfielder Josip Skoko had a very good match while Sivasspor goalkeeper Petkovic was a bit unlucky to have the defenders he did.

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  1. Never mind Oz Kanka, there will be plenty of other games to lift your spirits.

    Think of us poor Scots, our opening group games in the Euro qualifiers may have lifted our spirits but the fall is just round the corner.

    If you want to see victory after victory start wearing the green of Hibs!!!