Saturday, August 25, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Not to be outdone in the recent transfer market by Gencler, there has been some activity by ANKARAGUCU.

Kaba Diawara joins from Gaziantep and Jaba from Gokcekspor. Diawara is a class act and he will be a welcome addition to the squad. We also know a lot about Jaba, and if we can keep his `nightlife activities` under control then I'm sure he can pop a few goals in for us !

Ahmet Belal, the Prodigal Son, returns from Konya and we welcome him back !

So, it seems to me at this stage of the season that Herr Briegel is showing us that actions speak louder than words and he is going to make a serious assault on the Super League. I welcome his ambition, and now let battle commence !

For your diaries..................... the ANKARAGUCU v Gencler match will be played next Saturday at 9pm KO. Probably meeting in The Chopin Bar at about 6pm and going to the Stadium early for what should be a full-house. More definite details from Oz Kanka later.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

Edit - Sunday 26 August.

I notice in Nathan's Blog that he has next week's KO time as 8pm. I'll check on this before Oz Kanka sends out his kanka mail about meeting details.

2nd Edit - Tuesday 28 August.

There has been a snag in the proposed transfer of Jaba. Apparently there is a financial difference of opinion between the player and Gokcekspor which has now been passed to FIFA to resolve. Details of the outcome will be given when known.

3rd Edit - Wednesday 29 August.

Problem now resolved. Jaba signed for Ankaragucu today. A strike force of Bebbe, Dursun and Jaba will be giving Gencler a few headaches on Saturday ??!!

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