Monday, August 20, 2007

The quickest post in English on Genclerbirligi's first win of the season

Rize Teamen 0 - Genclerbirligi 2

At the Ankaragucu match last night and I wasn't able to relax until right near the end when Maniac Kanka Harun told me that Genclerbirligi had scored two late goals to win their first match of the season. Actually I wasn't able to relax because the action on the field at the 19 Mayis stadium was fast and furious but I'll leave that for Sir Eski Kanka to describe.

Seems as if we didn't miss out on much not heading off to the Black Sea for this match. Looking at the Anatolian news agency report of the match in the first half we missed out on seeing three shots from Rize, all of which went out, and none from Gencler.

First shot on goal came in the 62nd minute which Gokhan saved, then a couple more shots which went out until the 79th minute when Okan Ozturk came in from the left, got a pass through to Mehmet Cakir who shot, and GOAL! 0-1.

Just a couple of minutes later and Mehmet Nas got a pass off to Engin who hit it hard to double the lead. 0-2.

From the dry minute-by-minute report supplied by Anatolia it sounds like it was one hell of a dull game.

Anatolia gave most of the Genclerbirligi players two stars out of three, except for Traore, Erken and Cakir, who all got three stars.

So, one win, one loss... still a long way to go.

Oh, and to "anonymous" who posted on the blog an hour or so ago the comment "update this shit". I can only suggest that you get all the latest up to date information from the TDN. Just remember mate, beggars can't be choosers.

More cliches later.


  1. well done gençler.but the other good new is gökçekspor is ready to go down.ı hope it from deep.go to 2.division 'fuck of çöpspor'!!!!!!!!!

  2. As we all know, Maniac Kanka has a way with words !!

    However, I echo his sentiments.... go back where you belong Ankaraspor..... Division Two !!!

  3. I won't be happy until they are disbanded. Division two is too good for them.