Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Time to ask some questions... no matter how lame

First up, some definitions:
RBIA: The Round Ball in Ankara
Kirita: Stelian Kirita, midfielder for Anakargucu

I'm sure you can figure the rest out.

The Scene: The Red Lion Club, Monday Jan. 10, 2007.

RBIA: Can we get you a drink?

Kirita: A diet coke thanks.

RBIA: In the Turkish press, sometimes your name is spelt Kirita, other times it is spelt Krita. What the hell is the right spelling?

Kirita: With an I.

RBIA: So Sir Eski Kanka Jim wins and Damon is wrong!

Battle-Damaged Kanka Damon: I was only going by the Ankaragucu website!,

RBIA: Will you lot shut up! So, Mr. Kirita, the Ankaragucu site is wrong. The proper spelling is Kirita (there are lots of weird Romanian accents on letters by the way).

Eski Kanka Jim: So what do the players call out when you are playing?

Kirita: Kirita, Kirita.

RBIA: Can we now end the conversation on how the hell we spell this guys' name?

RBIA: For the last two years you were in Gaziantep, how would you compare the two cities?

Kirata: No you cannot compare. It is unbelievable. The Ankaragucu supporters are amazing. The way they go up and down and ...

RBIA: Sure... I've got the idea... When you look at the leagues, the Romanian and Turkish leagues, which would you consider the toughest?

Kirata: I was at Dynamo Bucherest. The Turkish league is different... here you have to be strong. If you are not strong you are out. In Romania (where he was capped 12 times) it is a little bit slower. Here you must run, you must fight. It is not so easy to play here. I think that in England or Spain it is much easier to play.

How did you come to Turkey?

(Much misunderstanding) and then -

Kirata : The coach of Samsun, he was the Romanian coach. He liked me and he said to me "Kirita do you want to play in Turkey?"And I said "why not". I had played for Dynamo for seven years...

RBIA: And how exactly do you approach each match? (did I really ask such a lame question?)

"I played agressive in Samsun, in Gaziantep and in Ankaragucu. In Romania I'm more agressive than this. Over there I was captain and over there you must play like a leader..."

"When I'm outside the game I like to make many jokes. I like to have fun... but when I'm in the game ... finished... there are no friends".

"All I do is I try to be professional and then I go home".

RBIA: How long do you plan on staying at Ankaragucu for?

Kirata: I don't know.

RBIA: How long is your contract?

Kirata: I'm contracted for two years (ie one year after this season).

RBIA: So what of the future... Who would you like to play for?

Kirata: Of course, an Istanbul team... Fenerbahce.

RBIA: My Turkish is rubbish but how do you survive at Ankaragucu with your Turkish? For example at half-time how do you talk to the coach?

Kirata: I talk to him in Turkish. Not very, very well, not 100 percent. But 70 percent I understand.

RBIA: In regards to Ankara: What is the best and worst thing about Ankara?

Kirata: Everything is fine with Ankara. I have nothing to say. Everything for me is perfect. I'm a professional football player. Come to Romania and you will see... Then it is time to drink... to smoke

Alpine Kanka Wolfgang: Do you think you will play at the European Championsips in Austria?

Kirata: I don't know. It will be difficult.

RBAI: Okay sure, but who would win in a fight between a tiger and lion?

Kirata: Because of my tattoo I very much like tigers. But because I like tigers I think lions will win.

RBAI: Ahhh... right... What was the last CD you bought?

Kirata: The last CD I bought?

RBAI: As I said, this is a real football interview.

Kirata: DMX, I'm sure you don't know it.

RBAI: I guess I'll have to google it. Hip hop you say. I'll have to take your word for it.

RBAI: Cheese or chocolate?

Kirata: (emphatically) Chocolate.

RBAI: Monica Bârlădeanu or Sabina Cojocar

Kirata: (with no hesitation at all) Monica Bârlădeanu.

RBIA: You are prime minister of Turkey, what is the first thing you will do?


And so ends the formal interview... which wasn't all that formal at all. Kirita was one hell of a cool bloke who we wish all the best in the future.

And then the questions that should have been asked... were asked, well sort of.

RBIA: From what I understand in regard to Briegal being sacked is that the chairman of the team was backing certain Turkish players at the club, against the coach. From where I come from the chairman always backs the coach in situations like this.

Kirita: In Turkey everything ,is possible, everything... I have seen everything...

Alpine Kanka: So what do you think of Turkish referees.

Kirita: Unbelievable! Unbelievable. Against us their have been many many many big mistakes... When you look at the English league you can see that the referee gives a warning "be carefull, next time you attack the man I'll give you yellow"... but in Turkey it is just .... "yellow". Jim then sprouted on about referee's infallibility for a while.

RBIA: So your advice to the young players such as the Alpine Kanka youth?

Kirita: Be serious, be tough... do not go half in. If you do you will lose. My Mother says, "go to work". I say,"shut up". I worked, worked, worked at football. I'm now very proud.

Oh God, Jim at this stage goes on about some sort of Wales match...

My tape finishes.

And so end an epic interview. I must say it was the most difficult of my life.

Thanks very much to Alpine Kanka Wolgang for sorting out the interview. And thanks to all those who contributed, Battle-Damaged Kanka Harun, to Rory and Vedat for taking photos. To everyone, well, it was hell.


  1. Oh yes, and thanks to Oz Kanka for his sterling efforts in maintaining decorum during the interview against all the odds, ie, Battle Damaged and Eski's constant interruptions !!

    Agree with Oz Kanka. Kirita is one cool guy and a real professional. I'm sure he will be a successful coach in the future when he hangs up his boots. He certainly has all the attributes to be successful in this direction I believe.

    Thanks to Kirita and Dan (his friend) for the presentation of the Ankaragucu top with Kirita's name and number on the back. As you can see, it is featured in the post.

    Kirita, please score 3 goals against Sekiztrash on Sunday for us !!!

  2. Anonymous5:57 am

    For F%3K's sake, why wasn't I informed of this!? Kirita is now my favorite player.

  3. Anonymous6:05 am

    Oi Chris! If you had disclosed this to me, I could have brought my brother-in-law, who speaks Romanian!

  4. In fairness to Chris, who is airborne to down-under Oz as I write this, we didn't know for sure that he was coming until late Sunday, so there was little time to `spread the word`.

    Anyway, don't worry Mountaineering Kanka, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Kirita and his friend Dan.

    They will, of course, be invited to the 2nd Round Ball in Ankara Annual End of Season B-B-Q where you will have the opportunity of meeting them.

  5. Hey thank you for this one. With such original pieces, you do something that almost no Turkish blogs -including mine- do: journalism.

  6. Thanks Emre, but special thanks to Kirita for being a great personality to interview !

    True, Oz Kanka is a professional journalist, but we do most of our posts on this Blog `tongue in cheek` !!

    Look forward to hearing from you again.