Monday, March 10, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Well, most of you know my "Almost" idiom, but for those of you who dont, here it is.....

Almost means ..... not quite
Not quite means ..... not right
Not right means ..... wrong
Wrong means ......
the opportunity to start again and
Get it right !!!

and so it was yesterday .....

Sivasspor 3 ANKARAGUCU 2

As usual, with "away" matches, the details are sketchy, but it seems from the sparce comments in the press that ANKARAGUCU was again the "almost men".

Sivas scored first in the 20th minute but El Yasa equalised on the half hour mark. With both teams committed to attack, it was Sivas who scored the vital 2nd goal just before half time.

Ozgur Sahiner of Hurriyet reported that it was end-to-end attack from both teams, but again Sivas made the break through 10 minutes into the 2nd half.

However, ANKARAGUCU was awarded a penalty 10 minutes later. With Kirita back in Ankara with Flu (gecmısolsen Kirita !!), acting captain Murat Erdogan stepped up to take the responsibility and ....... missed ! Who knows what might have been if he had scored ?!

Well into injury time and ANKARAGUCU was awarded another penalty which Jaba converted. Too little too late it seems !

Ozgur Sahiner said that although Sivas won the match, they didnt play very well. Perhaps ANKARAGUCUs efforts had something to do with that me thinks ?!!

So, ANKARAGUCU "almost" won the match, but with only 5 points advantage over the 3rd bottom team in the league it will be a damage limitation exercise for the remainder of the season. "Starting again to get it right" will have to wait till next season !!!

Next up is the local derby against OFTAS and that now comes into the critical MUST WIN category.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Sir Eski!!!! How can you write a report about this match and not mention the fact that Sivas' second goal was scored by their goalkeeper Petkovic in something like an 80-yard shot.

  2. Yes, well.... I knew about it, but.... to spare some blushes I made an executive decision not to mention it !!!

    My grateful thanks Oz Kanka for his `hard-bite` reporter instincts !!!

    The subject of goalkeepers reminds me of a match many many moons ago when Oz Kanka was a twinkle in his daddy's eye, when Frank Haffey (the Scotland goalkeeper) let a trickling backpass ball roll through his legs for an Ingallish goal at Hampden of all places !

    Goalkeepers can be heroes or they can be remembered for all the wrong reasons !

    Unfortunately, Petrovic will be remembered for all the right reasons !

  3. Anonymous8:33 pm

    Battle Damaged Kanka said. . .

    On the upside, 2 goals scored in an away match (against Sivas too) could be indicative of better things to come.