Sunday, March 02, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It was back to basics last night for ANKARAGUCU with the emphasis where it should be, ie, attack attack and get into the opposition’s faces for 90 minutes !

Hurriyet’s headline this morning was….. `They are Sleeping`. Obviously referring to the 10 outfield Fener players. My Man of the Match was the Fener goalkeeper Serdar who certainly won the point for Fener.

ANKARAGUCU 0 Fenerbahce 0

It was a cold and typical Anatolian windy night in Ankara last night with the added problem of the wind gusting around the 19 Mayis Stadium. At the match were Maniac Kanka Harun, Yankee Kanka, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon, Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo, the Alpine Kankas Wolfgang and Chris, and a friend of Carlo’s called Ian who I haven’t met yet.

I went direct to the Cappadokia Bar from work and was seated in comfort with my usual refreshments for company and therefore this report comes from the TV presentation of the match.

Fener started the more adventurous of the teams and had more first half possession, but ANKARAGUCU were holding their own in midfield and making the odd foray into Fener’s half. Kazim in particular was a thorn in the side of the ANKARAGUCU defence with some dangerous runs down the right and some good crosses. However, he blotted his copybook when he was rightly shown a yellow card for a dangerous tackle on Erdogan.

There were shots on goal at both ends but neither goalkeeper was called on to make a save in the entire first half with the shots going over or past the post. For example, Ibrahim Ege had a great chance but screwed his shot wide.

A good solid performance from ANKARAGUCU after a shaky start and going in at half time all square was a fair reflection given the wayward shooting from both teams.

Into the second half and ANKARAGUCU was attacking their favoured Gecikondu end. They were again a little slow to enter Fener’s half at first, but the defence was mopping up everything Fener could throw at them. Lamas in particular was having a great game in the heart of the defence in place of the suspended Kirita.

Tolga and El Yasa too were not taking any prisoners and were `100% full on` with their tackles and distribution out of defence.

At the half way point of the 2nd half ANKARAGUCU decided to move into a higher gear and the tempo of the game changed. It was all ANKARAGUCU now with Fener well and truly on the back foot. On 65 minutes, Murat Duruer hit a great first time volley from a right wing cross which was destined for the left corner. However, Serdar got down well to make a great save.

On 70 minutes, Duruer was replaced by our new Egyptian player, Ibrahim Said. Interesting to note that he had the words `Ibo` on the back of his shirt ! He was positioned up front with Bebbe and had some nice touches. However, he may need another game or two to improve his sharpness and speed.

On 76 minutes, Bebbe was put through in another ANKARAGUCU attack and with only Serdar to beat he tried to lob the ball over but Serdar got a hand to it and the ball was deflected out for a corner.

It was all ANKARAGUCU now and on 79 and 83 minutes, Gokhan was put through with one on one situations but again Serdar saved on both occasions. Frustrating stuff from ANKARAGUCU’s attack but all credit to Serdar for his heroics.

Fener almost stole it on 85 minutes with a breakaway into ANKARAGUCU’s half and a great save from Serkan prevented a catastrophe.

On 88 minutes, El Yasa and Bebbe combined brilliantly to set-up El Yasa, but his shot was inches wide of the far post.

Into the dying minutes, and from a right wing cross Bebbe headed in, but again Serdar came to Fener’s rescue. Easy to criticise from the comfort of a chair, but on another day Bebbe would have guided the header into the top corner rather than at the goalkeeper !

So, a great attacking and all round performance from ANKARAGUCU which must have pleased everyone connected to the Club. The only downside was that we played against a goalkeeper in inspired form !

From what I saw tonight, Hakan Kutlu may well decide to put Ibrahim Said up front on a regular basis with Bebbe. With Gokhan and Erdogan supporting from attacking midfield positions, it could be a successful formula.

Have to mention the supporters in the Stadium. All out singing from the ANKARAGUCU tribunes for 90 minutes. The Olay Olay Olay song was blasting out from the TV and the cameramen zoomed in on the GIANT ANKARAGUCU flag on the Gecikondu end. Truly fantastic. By the way, surprise surprise, I didn’t hear a squeak from the Fener fans !!!

The kankas joined me in the Cappadokia and we were treated to the rare sight of Maniac Kanka showing off his ANKARAGUCU underpants in one of his celebration dances. This is surely a `must have` addition to our wardrobe gentlemen and I will be first in the queue on Monday morning to purchase the said items !!!

ANKARAGUCU will be away in Sivas next weekend in another difficult fixture. However, if they play like they did last night, then 3 points is a distinct possibility.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

PS...... Get well soon wishes to Oz Kanka and Yankee Kanka who were a wee bit ill yesterday.
Photograph ...... The Kankas inside the Stadium predicting the score. Unfortunately they were wrong !!!


  1. Well done on grabbing the point. If you want to read a report from the Fener perspective then check out this report

  2. I almost threw up reading that report. What a load of shit, well.... apart from what I had already reported about Serdar.

    Typical biased report from an Istanbul blinkered person ... whoever he is !!

    At the very least, if he was honest, he would have mentioned Ankaragucu's attacking acumen and all round great performance.

    However, maybe that is too difficult to consider for someone who is not really qualified enough to talk about the finer points of a match of 90 minutes duration !!

    Some of us here in The Capitan City will no doubt be supporting Seville due to people like him who raise the hackles in our back grrrrrrrr !!!

  3. Anonymous10:22 pm

    Battle Damaged Kanka

    Great report, Jim. All those notes that you were showing off at the bar must have had something to do with it.

    As for the report from the Fener perspective, it does seem rather whiney doesn't it. I just had one wee question. The author talks about Fener "roaring back" into the league, but can they really do that? Aren't they supposed to chirp their way back? Or maybe peck their way back would be better (they are by nature peckers after all). I'd say roaring would be tantamount to treason for them as their biggest rival is the one that roars. At least it looked as if Lincoln were roaring in pain after being "pecked" in the groin by Volkan's knee. What a girly move that was, by the way. He couldn't even deliver a decent headbutt ala Zidane?

    Anyway, great job, Gücü. You played with heart, and we love you for it.

  4. well done great ANKARAGÜCÜ!!!I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!more than WİFE,LİFE,vs...

  5. Mmmmmm.... now that really is stretching it a bit..... even for Maniac Kanka !!!

    However, I agree with the others, but please don't tell my FBD (ie, Fire Breathing Dragon) !!!

  6. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Hi Kankas , I've searched a lot for photos of Ibrahim Said during the game but I couldn't find any , may be I wasn't searching in the right place .
    Please can you show me any pictures of him in action , I'm curious about "ibo" written on his shirt :))

  7. more than even and ever you and all my friends !what is the beer!??????????? =))))))))))))))))

  8. Maniac Kanka is still in love with his tub of Ayran me thinks !!!

    Maniac, Beer is the Amber Nectar which is the fountain of life !!! Here endeth your lesson for today !!

    Ahmad, haven't seen any photo of Ibrahim in the press yet. As you are probably aware by now, the press leans very much towards the hated Istanbul teams. Oz Kanka, any ideas ?

    Ahmad, Ibo is the shortened name in Turkey for Ibrahim and is usually given to someone who is popular, eg, the famous singer Ibrahim Tatisles is called Ibo.

  9. ı dont wanna say one more for you 'drunk jim'!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Scottish men are famous for their performance in battle (and bed !!!). They are also famous for their ability to drink the amber nectar from dawn to dusk if necessary.

    You could say that Scottish men are extraordinary ??!!

    However, I will never.... no, never .... forget the sight of Maniac Kanka (a true Turkish Patriot) drinking Ayran !!!

    This will never be forgotten, but..... perhaps it can be forgiven ..... mmmmmmm..... I said ... perhaps !!!

    He has much work to be done to achieve his credibility in the Kanka Group !!!

    Mmmmmm..... Ayran ?? Hmmmm .... no ... not in Edinburgh or Kirkcaldy me thinks !!!