Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ankaragucu claim The Kop

According to Vikipedi, today is the anniversary of when Ankaragucu were promoted to the top flight in 1981 on the order of Kenan Evren and the TFF (you can read our account of the controversy here).

Which is as good excuse as any to post a photo of Kirkaldy Kanka's nephew Nikki outside of Liverpool's stadium with the kiddies unfortunately unseen in the pram.


  1. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.... God Bless Kenan Evren and long life to him.

    If he reads this Blog, I would like to invite him as my guest to the Ankaragucu Centenery Celebrations next year and later at The Chopin Bar to mingle with people of his own ilk.

    By the way, I tried to find this place called Bolu in Google Search but it .... failed ! I rest my case !!!

    Also by the way, .... hey, nice photo Kirkcaldy Kanka and Nikki. Shouldn't you be trying to arrange a twinning thingie between Ankaragucu and Liverpool ?? Now there's a thought !!!

    All the best from 'he who loves Kenan Evren' Eski Kanka Jim

  2. Sir Eski Kanka wrote "I would like to invite him ... to mingle with people of his own ilk."

    I'll sup with Gokcek that evening.

  3. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Rovers + Gucu more likely. Nephew's name is Rikki not Nikki. But thanks for printing Nikki. Will rip him to bits about that. Think that was one of his brother's girlfriend's names. John Hughes? Canny speak, looks like the Honey Monster. What do you think Jim.

  4. Oooops .... tilt .... sorry about that Nikkie .... ooops .... I didn't mean that .... I mean ..... Rikki. Will he ever forgive me ??

    re John Hughes ? Mmmmmm .... I'm still getting over the shock of Mixu leaving us so soon. However, if you press me on the subject then I say .... let's giv'im a chance. After all, he took Faw'kirk to the Cup Final and played Rangers outta the midfield. Only an opportunist long range shot did it for them !

    Here's what the Hibs web says ....

    Quote -

    Hibernian Chairman, Rod Petrie said today: “I am delighted to announce that John Hughes has been appointed Manager of Hibernian Football Club

    “Appropriate arrangements were agreed with Falkirk Football Club to secure John’s release and John has signed a three year contract with Hibernian. We anticipate that Brian Rice will join John at the Club as Assistant Manager on his return from holiday.”

    Rod Petrie continued: “The search for a new manager is always a difficult task and after a very thorough process we were fortunate to have a number of exceptional candidates. John Hughes was the unanimous choice of the Board not for his exploits as a former player, but for his credentials as a manager, his style of football and his potential to bring success to the Club on the field of play.

    "I am sure too that John will galvanize everyone connected with Hibernian and drive the club forward. The Board will never lose sight of the requirement for Hibernian FC to be competing for honours and we see John as the ideal candidate to achieve this.”

    John Hughes said: “This is a very proud day for me. I am delighted to be the Manager of Hibernian.

    "Everyone knows what Hibernian means to me. I have so much respect for the Club and its supporters that I would not have accepted the job if I did not think that I could make a real difference and be successful. It is important to me that the Board have identified that it is my managerial ability, and not my history as a Hibernian player, as the reason I have been appointed.

    "I also have great affection for Falkirk FC and would like to thank everyone connected with that club for the fantastic opportunity they gave me to cut my teeth as a manager.

    "My future now lies with Hibernian and I believe I will bring innovation and an attractive style of passing football to the Club. I can’t wait to start working with the players and get down to business at the training centre.”

    Hibernian will hold a media conference at Easter Road Stadium on Wednesday 10 June 2009 to present John Hughes, Manager, Hibernian FC to the media. End of quote

    Let's see if the players stay-put or if there is an exodus. Also, let's see if Mr Hughes can conjure a better start to league business than last season !!

    I wonder what Hibbie Kanka is thinking and what his comments will be ??!!