Monday, October 19, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Bad luck for Ankaragucu yesterday to have Firat Aydinu appointed to officiate the match !

It was honours even until the 24th minute when Koray of Ankaragucu was blatantly kicked by Makukula while he was lying on the ground.

The photos of the incident in The Hurriyet doesn't actually show that contact was made, but the intent looks clear enough to me.

So, what action does Mr Aydinus take ? A YELLOW card for BOTH players !!!

So, I return to my headline. Was he 'a homer', or did he 'chicken out', or does he urgently require to visit a specialist and have an appointment with an Opthalmic Surgeon ???

By the way, The Hurriyet marked him 4 out of 10, which is an unusually low mark for that newspaper !

Obviously this incident changed the course of the match which Kayseri went on to win 3-0, as I reported last night. However, there was no mention in The Hurriyet of the fighting which Phillie Kanka mentioned. Perhaps another Battle of Kayseri ensued later ???

Cangele scored after 33 minutes. Ten minutes into the 2nd half and Mehmet Eren put the match beyond Ankaragucu, and kick-boxer Makukula wrapped it up in the dying minutes when he should have been taking an early bath in the 1st half !!!

The Ankaragucu starting line-up was -

El-Yasa, Koray, Risp and Broggi
Semavi, Barbaros, Murat Duruer and Hurriyet
Ceyhun and Metin

2nd half substitutes were Vassell, Emre and Mehmet Cakir

So, we come back down to earth again. It just means that Ankaragucu has another mountain to climb in 2 weeks time at the Inonu Stadium. Let's face it, if Ankaragucu can score THREE against Galatasaray then there is nothing to fear from that other lot from Istanbul is there ?!

No doubt we will be watching it in The Chopin Bar. Details nearer the time.

All the best from 'Aydinus Hater', Eski Kanka Jim

PS ...... Aydinus tried to make amends for his effin cock-up by gifting Ankaragucu a penalty at the end. Ahem ..... Mehmet Cakir didn't accept the present !!!


  1. yeah he had messed the game up , it was obvious that he has no guts to show red to a host player even he emulated to pepe of real madrid !

    but i can not accept the terrible conduction of aydınus as the mere cause of the undoing.we, ankaragücü supporters are already out of patience since we have been waiting for more than a decade for an outstanding accomplishment.and i dont want hikmet to find brilliant excuses(!) to cover up his inappropriate skill about management and how to provide efficient control over the current line-up.

    serkan is one of the most overrated but moronic gool-keepers of super league and everytime he stands infront of nets we start to bite our nails!!also we cant give a reasonable explanation why darius and mehmet çakır seated back in the bench ? i can start to think that semavi-metin-serkan trio has a intimate relevance with their coach in these days!!!

    i claim : no one can bear to begin such a hardline visiting with this limited-gifted players...

    in a nutshell , the only guilty of the disaster one day ago is hikmet and his false player decisions.i wish after a probable beat in inönü, it will the last match of hikmet and his ''indispensable sons'' under the name of our amkaragücü!!!

    by the wat i just recently discovered your blog and fell into regret why i couldnt figure here out before.well done fellas , i will follow you in my spare times.keep going...


  2. First of all, glad to see a new name in the comments section of the blog. Please do stop by in your free time, l_f_celine.

    I can feel that you share our passion for Gucu, but I humbly have to express some reservations I have about a couple of your comments.

    First off, I think I recall Hikmet Bey saving our asses last season. And let me tell you, they really needed saving too.

    And wait I recall many a match where if it wasn't for Serkan, we wouldn't have survived. Of course, he makes mistakes, but he is one of the best players we've got. I am pretty sure Eski will back me up on this.

    Returning to Hikmet Bey, I have to admit that I had some questions about some of his decisions during the match against GS, but that turned out very well indeed. Elyasa, for one, gave Hikmet Bey all the credit.

    I think one of the weaknesses in Turkish football is the merry-go-round of coaches. Instead a team should choose a coach carefully, but then let them get on with it, and give them ample time, resources, and freedom to develop the team as they see fit.

    With all the financial and political turmoil AG is going through at the moment, it doesn't surprise me in the least that the team is having its ups and downs.

    If we are going to blame anyone, it should be above all Cemal Aydin or maybe Santos for getting injured and leaving a gaping hole in our defense. Just kidding, of course. If you are reading this Santos, we love you and wish you a complete and speedy recovery.

  3. Jamie1:10 am

    Welcome to the discussion l_f_celine! Please come back often and tell your friends to join the discussion. I do have to agree with Battle Damaged. I never feel uncomfortable with Serkan in goal. Remember the national team picked him to back up Volkan. Maybe a Serkan led team would be in the world cup. I also agree that this team needs as much stability as it can get. Hikmet bey makes some mistakes from time to time, but he saved Ankaragucu last year and needs to time to get his roster in order.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to our match with Ankaraspor...should be a win. I'm thinking 3-0.

  4. Agree with Battle Damaged and Phillie Kankas - we welcome you to this Blog l_f_celine and appreciate your comments.

    If you would like to meet up with us, then we will be happy to see you at The Chopin Bar on Sakarya Cadd where we can be found 2 or 3 hours before KO time on match days.

    As for the comments about Hiket Bey, I have to support him (for now) because I can't see anyone who could do a better job. The only man I would be happy to see taking over is Ersun Yanal, but again we are talking about finding the money to finance having him and also for Ahmet Gokcek's 'wish list' !

    I also have no problem with Serkan provided he gives an assurance that he intends to stay with the team. Ankaragucu supporters do not forgive disloyalty easily !

    Who would have thought we could beat CimBom 3-0 before the match two weeks ago ? So, can't we do something similar in the Inonu ? The answer is ...... of course we can !!!