Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's been a long time coming

Genclerbirligi have had approximately 79 coaches since the brilliant Ersan Yanal left us in 2004 following our great run in the UEFA Cup that year and today was the first time since then that I have heard the crowds sing the praises of our coach. It may not have been very imaginative but towards the end of today's match against Sivas, the Genclerbirligi fans were as one singing "Thomas Doll, Thomas Doll , Thomas Doll". Well done to that man!

Genclerbirligi 2 - 0 Sivasspor

The lovely autumn days are continuing in this fair city but that didn't translate into the biggest turnout from the kankas. Your's truly and Little Oz Kanka Matthew were first to the pub, followed by Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and then Ambo Kanka, his good wife, son Patrick and a couple of other Aussies who were in town. Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo showed up just in time to grab a beer and then we were off to the 19 Mayis.

We got split up at the stadium but that didn't really matter. We weren't there to gossip but to watch some great football. Of course before that we had to vent our spleen as usual at someone or other in the hierarchy of the club. This time it was Tarık Artukmaç who was called on to resign following his disgusting display at our loss to Fenerbahce two weeks ago (you can read our report of the incident here)

Unfortunately the first 20 minutes or so was pretty crap. We started fast but after five minutes or so it looked like Sivas were the better side.

Plenty of rubbish in the rest of the half but there were signs that Gencler were looking the more dangerous of the two. Being slightly neutral for the match (in so far that while he was supporting Gencler he wasn't going to punch a brick wall if Gencler lost) Battle Damaged Kanka predicted that Gencler would score two in the second half as Sivas were looking tired and quite clueless.

Second half and it was time for Gencler to put on a bit of a show. Whilst there were a few badly straying passes, most of the time we looked as if we were working as a good unit, sticking to the plans laid out by the coach.

The first reward came at about the 57th minute when Kahe got the ball in the box and sent it towards the penalty spot where Mustafa Pektemek smashed it into the net. Much cheering and high fives all round.

The goal got the Gencler crowds singing louder and we didn't have to wait too long for the second to come. This time it was my latest hero Hursit Meric who sent it in to Kahe in front of the goal. I think what happened next was that it came off the keeper, or someone or other, and then bounced in. I'm not sure though and will have to see the replays.

As the crowd shouted out "Üç, üç, üç" things were looking on the up. One great passage of play towards the end had us all shouting "olé" as each pass was completed. The weird thing was that that particular string of passes was this close to a goal, ending after 20-odd touches with Kahe heading it to the keeper.

All up an excellent Sunday. Let me end by quoting a text message I have just received from Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo:

"It's a good day in Ankara. The sun is shining, we win 2-0 and FB LOST FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS SEASON! I have another EFES. Şerefe!"

Indeed. Şerefe to you all.

NOTE: Once someone has put them up onto Youtube I'll post here the two goals.

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  1. Thanks to Flying Duthman, Oz, and little Oz Kanka for making me feel welcome.

    I also noticed a number of others at the stadium wearing the Ankaragucu colors, so I felt very at home.

    It was too nice a day not to be at the stadium, and I have to say that while Gençler lurched and stuttered at times, overall they really looked solid.

    Particularly impressive were Chris' hero Hursit Meric, number 16 Patiyo Tambwe who made nary a mistake the entire match, and of course Kahe. This is not to say that there weren't others who played well, but these were the players who I noticed.

    Gençler's success took a bit off the edge of our crushing defeat in Kayseri. Looking forward to hearing what Eski Kanka Jim has to say about that in his full-length report.