Monday, December 14, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

As I mentioned in my previous match post, the time has come to change our meeting venue.

It has become quite clear recently that the Head Waiter of The Chopin Bar, Ali Bey, (a cantankerous bassa at the best of times !) doesn't want us in his establishment when Ankaragucu or Gencler are playing any of the Istanbul teams. However, he is quite happy to take our hard earned money on other occasions (maybe he has some Jewish blood in his veins - with apologies to Battle Damaged Kanka and Connect Kanka ho ho ho !!).

Last Saturday night was the defining moment as far as I was concerned, when if it hadn't been for Ismail (the waiter, and a very nice guy) shepherding me to a table I would have left the premises in view of Ali Bey's comments that he didn't want any Ankaragucu supporters in his pub.

Therefore, having discussed this with Oz Kanka Chris, we have decided to move next door to The Beer Bus Bar which is a regular haunt for Gencler fans and where we will be made more welcome than the Chopin.

To answer Phillie Kanka's question, the prospect of moving back to Genclik Park is a dead duck. There is only one 'restaurant' open (Pinar), and quite frankly, it looks more like an 'effin transport cafe' than a place which we could use.

Looking forward to this weekend's match against Sivas, we will meet in The Beer Bus Bar on Saturday from 1.30pm, and go to the Stadium at 2.45pm for the 4pm KO. Remember, this is the last league match before the winter break, so the Stadium will probably be full.

We will then return to The Beer Bus Bar after the match to watch Gencler stuff CimBom in Istanbul KO 8pm. btw, perhaps Gencler were pacing themselves at the Antep match for this one ??!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Member of the Tribe Kanka10:40 pm

    Connect Kanka is most definitely a member of the Goyim. Phillie Kanka on the other hand...lit his Hanukkah candles tonight. Happy Hanukkah Damon!

  2. ah yes "ho, ho, ho". Pot. Kettle. Siyah, perchance?

    See you all at the Beer Bus.

  3. Well said, Oz.

    Sour cream and latkes, yummm...

    Happy Hanukkah, Phillie Kanka.

  4. hi i will be on 1:30 pm in chopin bar saturday before ankatagücü-sivasspor thanks for helping oz kanka.