Friday, December 18, 2009

Compulsory beauty

French Kanka Hande sent me an e-mail last night which I feel I must share with you all.

"I think he should be training instead of giving teammates a hair cut and talking crap about women..." the militant feminist wrote concerning a story run by the semi-official Anatolia news agency on Genclerbirligi midfielder Kerem Savaş opening a beauty salon.

In the Anatolia piece that French Kanka probably found whilst googling "top class hairdressers in Ankara", Kerem said it was his first investment since starting football and that he did so in order to further the cause of women's rights. Asked by a top hack "why a salon?", Kerem replied:

"Because it is compulsory that women at all times must look beautiful they choose these type of salons," Savaş said.

What a kind fellow.

And here is Kahe, hopefully just half-way through a haircut.

For those Kanka women out there who are finding it difficult to look beautiful at all times, you can find Kerem's place in Cayyolu - Trio Bay, Bayan Kuaför ve Güzellik Salonu.

Sıhhatler olsun.


  1. He looks like a poor man's El-Yasa before El-Yasa decided to wear a 'sensible' Ankaragucu hairstyle !!

    btw, thank you God for letting me live in Cankaya and not in Cayyolu !!!

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