Monday, February 22, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday .....

ANKARAGUCU 2 Antalyaspor 2

Yesterday's result means that Ankaragucu now holds the 'proud' record of most draws achieved this season. 10 draws and 8 defeats does not make for gushing superlatives !!! With 22 matches played, I'll leave you to calculate how many matches Ankaragucu has won this season !

The team line-up yesterday was -

Geremi, Ediz, Muhammet and Cihan
Rajnoch, Hurriyet, Sapara and Rothen
Metin and Vittek

2nd half substitutes used - Bilal, Ilhan and Mehmet

Rajnoch opened the scoring for Ankaragucu in the 17th minute. Antalya equalised through Veysel on 23 minutes and then Veysel put them ahead just before half time.

God be praised ....... Ankaragucu equalised to save some blushes and (probably Lemerre's head !!!) through Muhammet with 15 minutes of the match remaining.

Now then ...... if Bebbe had been playing he would have slotted in the winner in the dying minutes yesssssssss !!!

With Ankaragucu only 2 points ahead of 3rd bottom Club Manisa, there is still going to be a long hard road to travel until they are out of the 'soapy bubble' !!

So to next week and the local derby against Gencler.

It's Gencler's 'home' match but it seems that they will be playing it as an 'away' match at the NEW Ankaragucu Stadium .... often referred to as ..... The Stadium from Hell !! Hmmmm .... me thinks that should initiate some comments from our Gencler Kankas ??!!

The match is on Sunday KO 2pm. Meeting and travel arrangements will be sent out by Oz Kanka when we have decided how we are going to get to Hell and back again !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous8:29 pm

    dissapointing Jim to have another draw. These are games we sould be winning. Look at kasimpasa and Sivaspor even they have got there act togeather.

    It looks to me that Lamerre is playing alot of players out of position to and why no vassell again ?

    Aydin has been kicked out the team as he was asked to play left back and said no


  2. Anonymous9:24 pm

    It is really impossible to understand Mr. Lemerre' s mantelity and tactics.
    I have only one question to this gentlemen eliminating all the others ,
    " why did you give Cihan a chance on the left back which Cihan has not been played in this post through his career."
    Why Mr. Lemerre, what was the problem with Broggi , Aydın, Özgür.... for this post and you have choosen Cihan.
    Night mares are so close to us and getting closer every week.

  3. Anonymous10:28 pm

    volkan - Aydin was asked to play left back and he refused so has been kicked out the team. Aydin should be a starter in left midfield ahead of Rothen.

    Lamerres signings have been unimpressive so far, rothen and geremi are to slow and old, vittek has scored 1 goal. Its not good enough and needs to change


  4. Anonymous10:31 pm

    Starting to get the feeling here,and it pains me to say it, but at the end of the season if Ankaragucu get relegated (IF), then we'll all look back on the trials,tribulations, and constant changes in personnel and say "was it really a surprise?" A sobering thought right now but as mentioned above, some of the other teams at the lower end of the league table are starting to pick up some valuable points.Still............fingers crossed.
    What a stunning result for Bursa tonight.

    Dublin Neil.

  5. Hmmmmm .... oh ye of little faith. The bottom line is that we can't be relegated in our Centenery Year. After all, Kenan Evren is still alive (thank God) and he would never allow this to happen !!!

    Actually, the subject of relegation is unthinkable, and in the unlikely event of it ever happening, it would be worth considering another Military Coup d'Etat for the sole reason of escalating Ankaragucu to their God given rightful position in the Super League !!!

    btw, for Dublin Neil on another subject, the final piece in the rebuilding of Easter Road Stadium will begin next week which will then make it a Fortress with a capacity of 20,250.

    I wonder if Bellshill Kanka Nadeem will have the courage to visit THE Fortress next season ???!!!

  6. Anonymous7:44 pm

    Since you departed Scotland Jim the wheels have come off at Easter Road.Couple of bad defeats,though Motherwell are tough opponents at the minute.The 5-1 game must have been a shock to the system.
    As I mentioned before,the early demotion of Ankaraspor this season may yet,ironically,be Ankaragucu's saving grace come May.There are only 2 more spots up for relegation and really Denizli's situation is fairly desperate already so we could surmise that there's only one dreaded spot left.Whats the odds on Ankaragucu finishing 4th from bottom and staying up thanks to Ankaraspor's transgressions?!

    Dublin Neil.