Sunday, February 21, 2010

Time for Gencler to start finding the back of the net

With the introduction of the fast train between Ankara and Eskisehir (just 20 lira - 9.70 euros - for a return ticket) and the fact that we now play at The Stadium From Hell means that it is now easier to get to an away match in a city 233 kilometres away than it is to go to one of our own home games.

Spine and I made the journey and the first mistake I made was to be wearing my colours when we got off the train. Since the nasty incidents at the Eskisehir - Ankaragucu match the police now meet away fans at the train and bus them into the stadium. Luckily EsEs Kanka Onur met us at the train and managed to get us silly yabancilar out of the station and off to the pub.

A couple of 3.75 lira bottle beers later and Spine and I made the short walk to the stadium.

Spine and Oz Kanka feeling confident.

Eskisehirspor 0 - 0 Genclerbirligi

I can't really say a lot about the match thanks to the crap position they put us Gencler fans and the fact it was very very dark. Why they didn't put the lights on I have no idea. Whilst 0 - 0 may seem boring it was actually quite a decent match. Perhaps the best chance fell to Kahe who managed to hit the post in the first half.

Once again Hurşut wasn't brought on until some stage in the second half. Although he didn't do that much he certainly added a spark to our attacks. He made one big mistake though when he had a tight shot on goal when both Mustafa and another player were in excellent positions.

Oh well, 0-0 away isn't a bad result and the local papers in Eskisehir were pretty annoyed that their team had failed to get the full three points.

The Eskisehir fans know how to have fun.

Post match and we joined the small band of Gencler fans (of whom about 30 percent were women) at a cheap bar where we drank away until a tired and emotional Spine pleaded to go back to where we were staying.

Breakfast on the Pursak River, a stroll around the city and then back onto the train for the comfortable ride home.

So that's my third match I've watched in Eskisehir and I've yet to see a goal scored.

EDIT: Ooops, thanks to Ziggy the King, an Eskisehirspor supporter, for pointing out that the river is actually the Porsuk River, not the Pursak River as I stupidly called it.


  1. Eskişehir Kanka Ziggy reports on the match too.

    -It's Porsuk River indeed. Named after a Selçuklu commander. Not an animal :)

    -I love Spine's comment of Tashkent not Başkent. You should spray it on the walls of the Yenikent stadium. I have seen Airbus' Beluga for the first and only time in my life in Yenikent Asaş. Keep that in mind :)

    -Take YHT and go to Eskişehir instead of Yenikent. Seemed a great idea after a boring night shift in Esenboga.

    -The police intended to take me to your away fans bus as well but I showed them the ETİ prove that I am not an away fan.

    -If Kahe was to score or Ilhan was shown the red(It was a red dont make me argue on it :) the match would be much different.

    -See you later in 19 Mayıs or Asaş.

  2. You should have told us you were going to the match Ziggy. We could have met up for some beers. As for the Ilhan card. I'm not going to argue, we could hardly see anything from where we were sitting.

  3. It was a very quick decision at 9.30am on Saturday. I could have let you know if I had planned it.

    I am jokin about the red card issue. No need to talk about it all.

    Next time together off to Eskişehir I hope.