Saturday, March 13, 2010

We'll take that

It was a lovely spring day but started to get a bit chilly by the time we showed up to the Beer Bus. Orcan and myself had just started to drink our first beer when we heard a football chant off in the distance. Wasn't long before a crowd of around 50 Gencler supporters marched past us singing away. Nothing unusual you may think but for us Gencler fans it was great to see, especially as the majority of people in the pubs in Kizilay support the big Istanbul teams.

Not long later we were joined by Spine, Oguz, Ambo Kanka and Little Ambo Kanka. Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo was off watching the rugby (he ended up getting to the stadium but we didn't see him).

Conversation on Orcan's imminent life changing experience. ie off to do his military service at the age of 34, followed and then off to the match.

Huge queues greeted us and while we were able to get in on time there were no seats. In the end we stood right at the back of the stand and after a few minutes Little Ambo Kanka and myself found a concrete jutting to stand on. Perfect views for us... not so sure about the others.

Genclerbirligi 0 - 0 Fenerbahce

First half and ... YET AGAIN... a penalty denied. For the third time in three weeks the referee refused to give us a clear cut penalty. I cannot believe the utter uselessness of the Turkish referees.

"I think if you look carefully sir, you will find that that was a penalty", shouts Little Ambo Kanka Patrick from atop a concrete block. At least that was the gist of what he said.

Fenerbahce were pretty crap, sending shots into the heavens. At the same time though they looked very dangerous.

I can't be bothered to give an in depth play-by-play account, except to say that we held our own.

Second half though and I think we were clearly the better team. We forced the Fener goalkeeper to make some good saves and we were very unlucky at times. Right at the death though I was sure that Fener were going to grab the winner... but it was not to be.

For a 0-0 draw it was a great game. Opportunities for both sides, rubbish decisions by the refereee and the linesmen and a great full crowd.

We all had to applaud just towards the end as the Fener crowd started chanting "Fener goal, Fener goal, şampiyonluk gidiyor". There were are a few cries of "Bursa şampiyon" from our lot and then some swearing at Fener. The veteran Gencler fans tried to stop the swearing... we are a gentleman's team after all, but Spine told me afterwards that when some fans tried to stop the swearing chants against Fenerbahce's Emre, Serkan of the Alkaralar group told them that Emre was "serbest". Too damn right, because he is a little ...

All up a good result for us. Next week away to Sivas. Fingers crossed we can actually grab the three points.


  1. Good show, Gencler! And Serkan couldn't be more right. Is there anyone in the league who is more deserving of being sworn at than Emre? I think not.

  2. I can think of lots of others who deserve to be sworn at .....
    Franco, Caner, Neill, Sabri, Elano, M Topal, Jo, D Santos, Keita and especially ..... Arda !!!

    Nuff said ??!!

  3. 3 points for Ankaragucu and Bursa today could see Bursa make a serious challenge for the League title.

    We can dream can't we ??!!