Monday, May 10, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

I thought the Ankaragucu players read our Blog ? Obviously not, and .... nobody informed them that Friday night's party to welcome Bellshill Kanka Nadeem and Weegie Kankie Rebecca to Ankara was supposed to continue into Sunday and beyond !

ANKARAGUCU 0 Fenerbahce 3

Three lapses of concentration from the Ankaragucu defence did the damage last night. The fact that Fener gave a disciplined and uncompromising display also added to Ankaragucu's woes. More on that subject in a moment, but first .....

A belated welcome to Nadeem on his first visit to Ankara and Rebecca's first visit to the Asian Continent.

They were given a Kanka Welcome in the Beyzade Restaurant on Friday night in typical Turkish Style, ie, mezze, pide and kebabs, all washed down with gusto by copious amounts of Raki and Efes - not forgetting the Ouzo supplied by Phillie Kanka Jamie ! Oh yes, and not forgetting the entertainment by the Fasil Group and the luvllie delectable lady singer with the blonde hair and the luvvlie ..... hmmmmmm ..... voice !!!

No doubt Nadeem will have something further to say about it in the comments section later ?!

Fast forward to Sunday and we all met up in the Beer Bus Bar for pre-match refreshments. Nadeem, Rebecca and I were first in, followed by Oz Kanka Chris and Mini Oz Kanka Mathew who couldn't come to the match.

Next up was Jamie, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and then Maniac Kanka Harun and his luvvlie daughter Hazal.

At this stage we had to split into two groups due to a problem acquiring match tickets, but all credit to Jamie for achieving what could be described as the impossible task of finding tickets in the mayhem of the ticket box.

Nadeem, Rebecca, Jamie and Damon went to Gecikondu, while Harun, Hazal and I went to our normal place in Maraton where we were joined later by Rip Off Kanka Erman and Kaleci Kanka Tansu.

Two of Tansu's friends who were supposed to join him were 'detained' by the Police outside the Stadium for some minor misdemeanour which left Tansu with two extra tickets (they were expensive !). Oh dear. Nadeem now has two virgin match tickets as souvenirs !!

So, it was all razzmatazz in the Stadium before the KO with Maraton, in particular, leading the way. Gecekondu finally woke up and joined in the carnival atmosphere.

With Vittek injured and Vassell just returning from injury, the starting line-up in attack looked a little 'powder-puff' ... and so it proved.

Geremi, Muhammed, Koray and Broggi
Sapara, Hurriyet, Rajnoch and Rothen
Ilhan and Mehmet Cakir

2nd Half Substitutes used - Vassell, Murat and Kagan

Fener looked 'up for it' from the KO and Ankaragucu was defending in depth and sometimes in desperation. High balls out from goalkicks and free kicks to Ilhan Parlak were being swallowed up by the Fener defence, so Volkan had an easy night.

At times, Ankaragucu didn't seem 'in the mood' as much as last week when the played Trabzon off the park, but in all fairness, it was probably down to a greater desire to win from Fener.

On the 25th minute mark I was hoping to play it out till half-time and let Lemerre try new tactis in the 2nd half, but the first on many blunders in the Ankaragucu defence put paid to that notion.

From a Fener corner swung over by Alex it was too easy for an unmarked Mehmet to fire in a header to open the scoring.

Not content to learn a lesson from that basic defensive error, Ankaragucu compounded the mistake by allowing Fener to do a reprise just after the 2nd half got underway.

I don't want to point the finger at any particular player, but Serkan totally mis-read the flight of the ball from the corner and Guisa, lurking at the back post - unmarked grrrrrrr - had the simplest of tasks to make it 2.

Worse was to follow in the 70th minute when Christian latched on to a loose ball in midfield and with the Ankaragucu defence backing off, and nobody anywhere near Christian, he decided to have a pot-shot from outside the penalty box. i suppose he muttered something to himself like .... 'wow, this is my lucky day, nobody wants to tackle me' !!

He sent in a swerver which totally deceived Serkan, and was it any wonder that Serkan was left helpless with a defence which was posted absent ??!!

There is no doubt that Fener deserved to win the match. With 7 goal positions during the match to Ankaragucu's 2, the statistics speak for themselves !

Time to head back to the Beer Bus and drown our sorrows we thought.

So, not the party that we were hoping for to give to our visitors from Glasgow, but I'm sure they will take back some happy memories from their brief visit to Ankara.

Next Saturday KO 7pm will be Ankaragucu's last match of the season away to Sivas and with relegation issues already resolved, the only thing for both teams to play for is .... pride.

Gencler will play their last match at home against Galatasaray on Sunday KO 8pm.

I hope to have some photos soon from the weekend's various activities and they will be added when they are received.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Connect Kanka2:14 pm

    I'm not usually one to partake in the Turkish national pastime of conspiracy theories, but it's well within the realm of possibilities that this match was fixed. Serkan, in particular, played terribly and made mistakes that even a youth keeper would avoid. His hesitance to catch the incoming ball on those fateful corner kicks is baffling to me. This is basic goalkeeping. Even on the third goal, the shot basically went right down the middle. I hate to tarnish his otherwise good name with these accusations, but his performance was too far from his national-caliber ability to avoid some suspicion. I also don't want to make excuses for Ankaragücü's poor showing. However, given the money troubles we read about in the paper during the week before the match, bribery can't be ruled out.

  2. Anonymous6:59 pm

    Hello Kankas, thats us just arrived back in Glasgow, we are shattard, it was a long journey home.

    We would both like to say thank you very much to every one of you, you were all so kind and helpful and made our experience in Ankara one we will never forget, i miss Ankara already and im already making plans for our next trip.

    The game was dissapointing but thats life, we need to get ready for next season. Marek Sapara and Geremi have both flew back to there countries and will miss the Sivas match.

    Anyway look fwd to hearing from you all


  3. @connect kanka

    don't hesitate to label serkan with those familiar accusations bro , he definitely sold the match to fenerbahçe me , this is true.
    i really wonder which holy day we would get rid of that son of a bitch serkan...

  4. @connect kanka

    don't hesitate to label serkan with those familiar accusations bro , he definitely sold the match to fenerbahçe me , this is true.
    i really wonder which holy day we would get rid of that son of a bitch serkan...

  5. Anonymous8:31 pm

    Mmm, yeah sure Fener were up for it more but some of Ankaragucu's players did seem a trifle disinterested.Wouldnt like to cast any aspertions but stranger things have happened.Tough on Bursa.Just back from Turkey and was able to see the Cup Final last Wednesday there too.Fener got their usual Cup medicine at least in that game.
    Had a lovely week of sun,sand and Kavaklidere.Now back in Dublin its 8 degrees in mid May,disgraceful!

    Dublin Neil.

  6. Celine,

    Even if Serkan was involved, and I acknowledge that that is quite possible, I'm sure Gökçek would have been the one primarily responsible for any match fixing. After all, we didn't score any goals either.

    But for now, it is all just speculation. Don't forget, we got our asses kicked by Kasımpaşa as well, didn't we. When we beat Trabzon, Trabzon were not fielding the team they fielded against Fener. Furthermore, we didn't have either Vittek or Vassell starting against Fener.

    I'm not defending Serkan entirely. If he is guilty, I hope he gets caught and pays the penalty. But if you suspect cheating, I would first look in the highest places for the lowest people.

  7. @Nadeem and Rebecca,

    It was wonderful finally getting to meet you. Hope to see you again soon.

  8. Anonymous12:59 am

    damon - lovely to meet you to mate, and we will be back over september or october, Were going to come over at least once a year. We loved it, hopefully we will win the next time though lol


  9. Anonymous12:50 am

    evening kankas, we have been given a 2 match stadium ban and umit ozat has been banned for 4 games due to the trouble against Fenerbahce.


  10. hey nadeem..u are in scootland but u still think ANKARAGÜCÜ =)..u publish the latest news abuot ANKARAGÜCÜ the way really nice to meet you and rebecca...all the besy from maniac..

  11. Anonymous11:12 am

    Hey Harun, thank you so much for everything you did for us, we will never forget you or the kankalar group. We will be back over in october.

    We both really enjoyed our time, Ankaragucu is our team.

    Bit of transfer news. Ankaragucu and Bursaspor have been linked with Kris Boyd from my team Rangers, would be a great move if we got him.


  12. Nadeem,

    Yeah, I heard about the ban today on TV. Can't say I wasn't prepared for it.

    I found this on Boyd. Sounds like a sad situation for Rangers, but maybe a happy one for Ankaragücü.

    My only fear is that Kris will hear rumors of players not receiving their pay and getting kicked out of hotels and the like and will decide that a less remunerative but more stable situation is the way to go.

  13. Anonymous9:40 pm

    Damon - It will be difficult for Ankaragucu to sign Kris, according to reports Trabzonspor offred him 30k per week in January and he knocked it back. Its believed Ankaragucu and Bursa have offred him 2 million a year to sign.

    Alot of money, but i think he would find it hard over in Turkey, his link up play is very poor, he is a good finisher but i think we should look at signing Vittek first.

    Yeah mate, Rangers are in a tough situation financialy, we look set to loose some important players.

    What i want to know is, how can ankaragucu afford these wages when it was reported we are in a bad way finacialy?


  14. A big splurg in the Hurriyet today about Boyd coming to Ankaragucu, but as always, seeing is believing.

    Financial problems at Ankaragucu ? Nah, don't believe it. All that needs to be done is for a certain person connected to the Club to hike up the taxes in Ankara and ........ hey presto ! Money no object !

    Baby Gokcek was also talking last week about bringing in Fernando Morientes (ex Real Madrid and now .... I can't remember). Just ask 'Daddy' for some more dosh and we have the biggest (and best) strike force in Turkey ......

    Vassell, Boyd, Moriantes, Vittek .......

    and then we can transfer Murat Duruer to Vanspor or Karsspor yesssssssss !!!

  15. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Would be a great signing if We got Boyd, been a Rangers man myself i know whoat he is all about. Great finisher, poor link up play and work rate. Alot of money to pay for a player on wages but no transfer fee means would be a good deal for both