Tuesday, May 11, 2010

There's only one Billy Mehmet

You have to admit that Billy Mehmet is an excellent cross-cultural name and it seems as if Gencler have signed him. Billy's background: Turkish-Cypriot father, Irish mother, born in London, played for Ireland Under 21s and until yesterday played for Scottish side St. Mirren.

According to a BBC report, the striker will be joining us in June on a Bosman free transfer. Me thinks it is time for us to grab an interview with the fellow (although I may need some help in understanding his accent).

In other news Gencler are also after another Scottish player. This time Michael Stewart from Hearts.

And here is Billy Mehmet showboating. Love the statement from the cameraguy. "That's just quality... in a glass"


  1. I guess it comes as no surprise that we have now sold Pektemek to Galatasaray. :(

  2. Anonymous12:56 am

    Hello Chris, hope you have recovred from the weekend lol,

    Billy Mehmet is a decent big player, big and strong but 10k a week is a lot for him.

    Its a shame you have lost Pektemek as hes a fantastic young player


  3. Anonymous9:57 pm

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