Saturday, June 05, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Our 'oracle' in Glasgow, Bellshill Kanka Nadeem, has already picked up on the transfer of Aydin Toscali to Ankaragucu.

He was paraded in front of the Press yesterday and there was a big spread in The Hurriyet this morning about it. A photo of him in his Ankaragucu top and scarf standing beside our 'great Chairman' Ahmet Gokcek !

One of my students told me recently that Ankaragucu had signed a deal with Puma for this season but Aydin was wearing a Lotto top. Tut tut tut !

Aydin Toscali comes from a small town in the Mugla Province called Nazilli and he made his footie debut from his town team - I think they play in the 3rd Division at the moment.

He then signed for Muglaspor and then Tarsus. Both 2nd Division teams.

He has been playing for Kayserispor for the past 5 years and was a popular player there with the fans. He won a Turkish International Cap in 2007 which indicates than he may have some potential. However, at age 29, his International days may well be over.

Anyway, welcome to Ankaragucu Aydin and let's hope he can help shore-up what was becoming a leaky defence in the last few matches last season.

On the downside, I read in The Hurriyet yesterday that El-Yasa was possibly going to Fenerbahce. Not sure if it's a done deal yet.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous7:20 pm

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  2. Anonymous12:47 am

    The club have now signed Varol, Sahin, Burak and Aydin Toscali, 4 Turkish players which is important. We need to add good quality from the continent aswell. I would love Vittek to sign perminantley


  3. I wouldn't count on it. It seems pretty clear to me from what I've been reading that they are trying to build the team on the cheap.

  4. Sometimes appearances are deceptive !!!

    Last week our 'great' Chairman was quoted in The Hurriyet as saying that it is his intention for Ankaragucu to win the League in their Centenery Year !!

    Me wonders what he has got up his sleeve ??!!

    Mmmmmm ..... that optimism pill I took this morning is really really working !!!

  5. Anonymous7:23 pm

    thats the good thing about supporting Ankaragucu, you never know what your going to get lol

    I cant see us building a title winning team that quick, with all out top players leaving we need to ad about 4 quality signings to what weve got. any news on vittek?


  6. Hey, I heard that Vittek scored a goal in one of Slovakia's WC warm up matches.

    Hope he doesn't score too many more otherwise Fener, CimBom and Beshik...trash might come in and sign him !!!