Sunday, October 31, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Yesterday Ankaragucu won a point thanks to the heroics of Senecky (back in the team after a long term injury) who pulled off two fantastic saves to frustrate Es-Es and win a point for Ankaragucu.

Eskisehirspor 0 ANKARAGUCU 0

However, the match was a boring .... yawn ..... yawn .... from the 2nd minute till the end.

One of the few exciting moments of the match came in the 2nd minute when Metin struck from the edge of the box and Ivesa made a great save to turn the ball around the post for a corner.

There was only Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I there to witness 'the bore' and we spent a good deal of the match chatting and putting the world to rights !

Team -

Muhammed, Zewlakow, Klukowsk and Rajnoch
Guven, Adem, Weeks and Murat
Sestak and Metin

Substitutes used - Umut, Dogan and Ozgur

Murat Duruer's name was mentioned twice (as I recall) from the beginning of the match until the 54th minute when he was substituted. Once when he actually touched the ball, and once when he was replaced by Dogan !! Why don't we transfer him to Muglaspor or Vanspor ???!!!

Apart from Metin's effort in the 2nd minute, there was one other 'Ankaragucu moment' when Sestak took a free kick outside the box in the 50th minute, curled it round the wall, and with Ivesa static, the ball hit the bar and went over. Unlucky !

Going back to Senecky's heroics, the first on 30 minutes was a header from Batuhan which was a goal all the way, but Senecky somehow got his fingertips to it. The ball was deflected onto the bar and thankfully it bounced on the right side of the pitch and was cleared by a defender.

The second was almost at full time when he smothered the ball just in front of the goal line a split-second before an Es-Es attacker made contact. Senecky for Man of the Match ? Defo !

That was just about all the 'excitement', ..... ahhhhhh ....... well, not quite ............

I forgot to mention the 'Es-Es Orchestra' which kept us entertained. Even the camera controller zoomed in on them many times during the match - no doubt he was as bored as us !!

Another talking point was Battle Damaged Kanka's obvious intention to be nominated as winner of this season's Most Stylish Kanka in the annual Competition. He was wearing a luvvlie pair of black leather gloves to keep his delicate hands warm and he looked so ....... sweet. Knowing him, they were probably top of the range and made in Italy ??!!

Looking forward to next weekend, and Ankaragucu is at home to Gaziantep on Saturday KO 5pm. Meeting in The Beer Bus Bar as usual at about 3pm. It is to hoped that Sapara has recovered from his injury to bring some organisation back to the midfield.

Gencler will be playing Kayseri away on Friday KO 8pm.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Any bad blood with the es es fans? When they chucked that brick from the other tribune it was the only time I was truly afraid at a match...

  2. No probs yesterday Jamie ! The Police had banned any Ankaragucu fans from attending..... surprise surprise.

    I think it may take a year or two ...... or more ... for away fans to be allowed to go to this particular match !!!

  3. Anonymous11:30 pm

    good report as usual Jim. It was a poor game and something that Ozat needs to start addressing. How many players does he continue to play out of position? Murat Druer seems to get so many chances and never impress.

    On the positive side, we did keep a clean sheet after conceding five to Bursa, Senecky was outstanding in goal and we were playing with Ugur, Hurriyet, Sapara and Vittek all out.

    anyone know whats up with hurriyet?

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