Friday, October 15, 2010

The Turkish Football Weekly has some advice for Sir Eski

The latest podcast from the Turkish Football Weekly is out and not only does it include rants against the Istanbul-centric approach to football in this country (something that regular readers here know only too well), laments on the utter crapness of the national team in the last week or so, previews of Bursa's upcoming Champion's league matches, a plug for Turkey's finest football resource, a fine example of fence sitting by saying that Ankaragucu might have a chance against Galatasaray on Sunday but also but also some advice for Sir Eski Kanka in the event that Ankaragucu actually manages to pull off a very unlikely victory.

If you think that sentence was long check out the podcast which comes in at more than two hours. If you are the lazy type (ie most of you lot) you can click on play, listen for a while and then move the slider thing to about two hours, 8 minutes in to hear Ata and Jeremy's advice to Jim. Enjoy!

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