Monday, December 13, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Last night Ankaragucu dealt with the snow storm better than Fener and also the Ankaragucu defence weathered a deluge from Fener in the first half. As Nadeem said, what the hell did Umit Bey say to them at half time ?!

ANKARAGUCU 2 Fenerbahce 1

How many times have I used the expression ..... 'if only' ........ this season ? Well, here it comes again ........ if only Ankaragucu could play every match for 90 plus minutes like they played in the 2nd half last night then they would be up there with Trabzon !!

Only Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and I braved the elements last night, but it was not too hard to bear in view of our 'mini protest' and the fact that the heating was on in the Beer Bus Bar !

From what we saw from the TV cameras, the only tribune which was there in any numbers was Anti-X. Free tickets no doubt ??!! I don't know how long Gecikondu will be willing to maintain their protest, but ultimately the decision will be whether the Gokceks can stop their childish behaviour and issue match tickets at a reasonable and fair price !

Team -

Ugur, Zewlakov, Rajnoch, Klukowski
Adem, Guven, Kaan, Gabric, Dogan

2nd half subs - Weeks, Mehmet and Metin

Fener made it quite clear from the kick off that they were here to attack and they almost opened the scoring in the 1st minute when the ball was crossed into the danger area. There were no takers and the ball went out of play. Alarm bells were ringing in the defence !

5 minutes in and a great save from Senecky from a long shot.

12 minutes in and Fener should have taken the lead. A shot from Dia (I think) which was a goal all the way with Senecky beaten, but ........ it hit the crossbar and was cleared to safety. What a let off !

18 minutes in and Rajnoch makes a great tackle to avoid another dangerous move. 7 minutes later he clears up in a goalmouth melee. He's having a great match along with the others in defence.

  • 31 minutes in and Kaan made a timely interception to burst into the Fener area, but there was no support and the danger was cleared.

36 minutes in and Senecky again saves the day by rushing out to smother the ball at the feet of a Fener attacker.

Dia and Niang are creating chances with their running but the Ankaragucu defence is holding firm and dealing with their cross balls into the area.

Approaching half time and Guven had a shot on goal which was easily saved.

Almost half time and Senecky again does the biz saving at the feet of Alex as he was about to shoot.

Half time whistle and my comment was ....... thank fuck for that !!

The 2nd half started the way the 1st half ended. Fener on the attack with Senecky dealing with everything coming his way. Rajnoch is still a stalward in defence and having a cracking match.

A quote from Damon at this stage of the match ......... 'they are so much faster than us' ! True enough, but the Ankaragucu defence and midfield are playing above themselves and holding firm.

53 minutes in and Ankaragucu scores a great 'offside' goal. No doubt about it - the linesman was spot on.

55 minutes in and Ankaragucu is beginning to spread the ball around like we know they can. Gabic is looking dangerous and beginning to make his presence felt. No sooner had I said that than he was off and replaced by Weeks !

60 minutes in and although Ankaragucu is playing better, Fener still have control of the match and looking the likelier team to score.

Then the match was turned upside down. A great cross in from the left (was it Guven ?) and there was Sestak running in to meet it and side foot it in for a goal. Cue .... up on our feet and hi-fives with some of our neighbours on the next table.

70 minutes in and it is Ankaragucu who is looking the more dangerous now, however, Fener is still attacking and Senecky and Rajnoch again combine to clear a Fener attack.

4 minutes later and it's that man Sestak again. He picked the ball up near the centre circle and made for goal beating FOUR Fener defender on his way. Looks up, picks his spot and fires in a fantastic goal with Volkan having no chance. Candidate for Goal of the Season ?? More hi-fives and just look at the smiles on our faces !!!

3 minutes later and it was almost a 3rd goal. An inch perfect cross from Mehmet and Guven dives in with a bullet of a header. Up we jump, but .......... the ball rebounds off the post and is cleared.

Fener is still attacking but Rajnoch is tidying up and great to see Ankaragucu playing the ball out of defence instead of hoofing it up and anywhere.

Into time added on and with the last attack of the match Niang fires in a shot from the left which rebounds off Senecky's body. The rebound was slotted in for a fluke goal and then ...... final whistle !

A great result and a great team display. Senecky receives my Man of the Match vote but only by a whisker from Rajnoch, Sestak and Guven !

It's a mouth-watering prospect to see what Vittek can add to Sestak's play in the 2nd half of the season. Those two have the potential to shoot Ankaragucu up the table, as long as the defence can put in performances like last night.

Next Saturday Ankaragucu will be away in Antalya for the last match before the mid-season break. KO time to be announced later.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Great report, Eski. You are spot on about everything.

    The prospect of us at full strength at the beginning of 2011 is very exciting indeed. I believe our first match is in Ankara against Trabzon. Looking forward to that.

  2. Anonymous5:41 pm

    damon i think its at home to Bucaspor, i may be wrong though.

    Only thing id disagree with is man of the match, for me sestak and rajnoch

    How good was Kagan as well ?


  3. Sorry to disappoint you both but our first match after the break is AWAY to Trabzon. Remember, the first match of the season was in an empty 19 Mayis Stadium !!! and .... we lost 0-2.

    The weekend after is the home match against Manisa.

  4. Anonymous9:29 pm

    Great match report as usual Jim.Though I must confess, I do really enjoy your late night after match (sometimes merry!) immediate news flashes!!!

    Iyi akshamlar.

    Dublin Neil.

  5. Connect Kanka11:40 pm

    Courtesy of some bootleg online stream, I was watching live here at home in the USA. I appreciated the camera shots of Umit intensely fingering his prayer beads during the second half. Seeking a bit of divine intervention perhaps?

    But for the life of me I'll never get how we go from a draw against Sivas to beating Fener the week after. This team simply defies all logic.

    Hope y'all are enjoying the snow in Ankara.

  6. Anonymous11:47 pm

    correct againt Jim, Tough start after the break to Trabzon.

    We need to beat antalyaspor who have had some poor form of late next week.


  7. Yeah, that's right: Trabzon in Trabzon. What a way to start off the new year, eh? Althogh, if Gucu can pull that off, just imagine the wave of confidence they'll be riding.

  8. Kick Off times on Saturday .......

    Gencler v Bursa - 4pm

    Antalya v Ankaragucu - 5pm

    OK you Ankaragucu Kankas ...... time to stand up and be counted. Which team will you be supporting on Saturday .... Gencler or Bursa ???!!! C'mon be honest and own up !!

  9. Hard to say. Chris and the lot are our friends, I agree with their football philosophy, and they really need three more point to get out of the relegation adjacent area of the table. On the other hand, Bursa are our brother team and need three points to stay on Trabzon's heels.

    Will mixed emotions satisfy you, Eski? Probably not, knowing you.

  10. Anonymous10:08 pm

    i will be hoping gencler win, i dont know any bursa fans whilst i know my friends in ankara been gencler fans so gencler for me


  11. Anonymous12:03 am

    no probs chris, lets hope for another good week for ankara


  12. Anonymous9:42 am

    Reports on CNBC-e that court has overturned Little Ahmet's election as Ankaragucu President.

    Interesting times...


  13. OOoooohhhhhhhh. Thanks Spine.

    This is big news. The papers today were reporting that if Little Gokcek lost the club would be put into a sort of temporary administration with the management's sole aim being to get debt down and organising an emergency AGM.

    Gokcek has been saying that none of the foreign players would return to the club after the break (well, he would say that, wouldn't he). The team would have to leave it's training facilities (as these are rented to it by the municipality) and return to Bestepe (God knows what sort of condition that is in).

    What a can of worms.

  14. Anonymous11:40 am

    Here's the first comment on the ruling from your caring chairman's dad:

    "Yazık oldu, bu sene herhalde Ankaragücü küme düşer, durum bunu gösteriyor"

    Trans: "What a pity, looks like Ankaragucu are going down this season, that's the way things look."

    (from anatolia news agency)


    Şu anda futbolcuların tamamının serbest kaldığını, Ankaragücü'nün yeniden
    transfer yapması gerekeceğini ifade eden Gökçek, ''Cemal Aydın ile Cengiz Topel'e hayırlı olsun'' diyerek tepkisini dile getirdi.
    Gökçek, ''2 sorumlu var, diyebilir miyiz?'' sorusu üzerine şunları söyledi:
    ''Kesinlikle 2 sorumlu vardır, ilk davaları açtıran Cemal Aydın'dır. İkinci davaları açtıran Cengiz Topel'dir. Bu kadar istekliler madem, bakalım ne yapacaklar hep birlikte göreceğiz. Ümit ederim, Ankaragücü'nü düze çıkarırlar,
    çıkaramazlarsa bunun altında kalırlar.''
    ''Takım kayyuma mı devredilecek'' sorusuna da Gökçek, ''Hayır, kayyuma devretme kararı vermemiş mahkeme. Ama yönetimin tavrına bağlı, yönetim istifa ederse, kayyum gelir'' yanıtını verdi.

    Trans: I wash my hands. Good luck with it.


  15. Quite possibly the Gokceks will go down as having played a major role in getting one team relegated (Ankaragucu) and one team kicked out of not just the league, but all official football (Ankaraspor).

    Quite a legacy.

  16. Anonymous2:47 pm

    What a depressing day, I hope the gokceks burn in hell, scumbags.

    The only good news is even if we do get relegated and loose our best players, at least we will still have a club and our fans can get behind us. players and staff come and go but the club will always be here